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Holidays Not-So 101: A Lil Crazi, A Lotta Eggnog December 20, 2010

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A bullet point holiday survival guide, tested by yours truly, not approved by the FDA ūüėČ

Sing Christmas Carols…in the shower. All Elf style. I know, it sounds slightly retarded. I, for one, do not sing in the shower EVER but I’ve adopted this new holiday tradition and you know, it helps. You’re getting all the “dirty” off and all the negative off too. Once you step out you smell nice and you’re all cheery. At least it’s singing your neighbors can appreciate.

Eat. January is a useless month, the perfect project is to hit the gym and get back in shape so, really, you have no excuse not to chow down on cookies, cakes, hams and eggnog all you want for the 12 days of Christmas! Even better when you bake them yourself and eat with friends or co-workers.

– Immerse yourself in doing for others. At the end of the day the Holidays are about being thankful and giving. This year I had the opportunity to participate in a holiday party for children who would otherwise not have a party or get to see Santa! We acted as the “North Pole” for their Santa letters and are hosting a great party for them to enjoy the spirit of the season. Doing this takes the focus off of what I do not have…and puts it on what I can give.

– Make your OWN peppermint concoctions! Like peppermint coffee to start of the morning! Crush up 1 mini candy cane per cup, just hit it with the dull side of a heavy knife, throw it in with the ground coffee and voila! Stick a candy cane in it for added pizzazz and flavor! woohoo!

Take in the sights! Not traveling, no problem…do you know how many free window displays you can get just by walking the streets of Manhattan and seeing random people decorate their fire escapes?! Not to mention, ya know, that big, fat, Rockefeller tree thing you don’t hear too much about haha. My personal favorite NY Christmas sight is the Saks 5th Ave. light show! I performed there once!

Do something that’ll make you love yourself, whether that’s a trip to Vickies or a purchase of great new heels or treating yourself to a Bed, Bath and Beyond spree to decorate for the holidays or just catch-up on those “to-do” lists you never got around to. Take a day off from work and do NOTHING!…buy your significant other or best friend¬†William Sonoma Hot Chocolate and have a movie marathon until you begin to hate chocolate! Have a snow-ball fight…just do it. Just make yourself happy, it’ll transcend.

If all else fails, listen to the intro of Tiny Dancer by Elton John, I know that sounds bizarre but trust me, it just changes you for a second or THIS!



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