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My Chicken’s Lay Brown Eggs! January 16, 2011

Posted by doinglaundryinheels in Cooking, Food/Dining, The SK Plan.

As you all know, last year I was deathly inspired by Julie & Julia and started my own adventures in cooking and blogging about it, The SK Plan. In doing so, I not only had the advantage of A.) doing something I enjoy, 2) saving money by cooking my own meals and Thirdly) growing into an exceptional chef ( 😉 ) but I also began to learn so much more about ingredients and where they come from.
When I was younger, my parents and I vacationed in Denver often and one year we decided to check out the new gourmet supermarket, with the three of us having a “pie tooth” we decided to pick up a peach pie, an organic peach pie. It was VILE. Look up vile in the encyclopedia and you’ll find a gigantimous picture of my peach pie. I was turned off of organic food from that day, it was for hippies or food wimps and the thought of having to stir my peanut butter or spend $25 on dry pasta kind of made me gag in more ways than one. Still, as many of you know, I work in the field of health and fitness and while we all think we’re eating well, most of us are not. Despite my peach pie trauma I couldn’t help but cringe when I found out that many of my “healthy” foods contained large amounts of preservatives, sodium, sugars and even lard, yes L-A-R-D, lard. Even my protein or energy bars, that claimed they were made from the stuff of earth, turned out to have 600 calories a bite. I was negating all my workouts and water consumption by putting things that were never meant to be in my body. The turning point was Thanksgiving when my host and I struck up a conversation about peanut butter. I couldn’t look at Skippy the same again after that day, my dear old, childhood, peanut butter was a sham, nothing more than peanut colored fat. oiy.
Luckily, the peach pie days are long gone, over ten years ago we were just stepping into the world of all natural food and today we’ve found a way to make it taste better and be cheaper. I dove in and attacked the organic section of Freshdirect.com. I was pretty surprised that the milk I had been ordering for months was already organic, there was peanut butter and jam that were made from actual peanuts and berries and the best part, ICE CREAM!!!! NumnumNumnum! So yummy. I admit, it’s a journey and for now the organic soup and eggs I’m eating are fine but I will find products that are just not organically for me. Look, Soy yogurt sounds like the tastiest thing in the world but it kind of reminds me of that pink bubble gum medicine you had to take as a kid. MmMmMMmMmmm scrumptious!
I want to defy odds and statistics, I want to be healthy and screw what all the scientists say about 1 in every 5 people getting cancer, or women developing osteoporosis, I want to live to be 100 and still kicking a soccer ball around. Think about it this way…some of our canned goods can last for months but take that same vegetable and leave it out for a week, it goes rotten. Why do you want to pack your stomach with something that can survive an atomic bomb? Unless, of course, that is your goal, in that case I wish you luck. Please blog about it so we too, can live viciously through your stupidity. Otherwise, hit me up for straight from the farm goods to chomp, smush and mix into my latest, edible concoction!



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