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Vacation via Sample Platters October 6, 2012

Posted by doinglaundryinheels in Food/Dining, Health and Fitness, Jobs and Work, Shopping, Weekend with DLIH.

“Sometimes I feel I’ve got to, run away, I’ve got to, get away…”

Sound familiar? Living in New York, or simply living in 2012, life can start to feel suffocating. The mundane everyday; wake up, go to work, come home, feed the dog, go to bed, do it all again tomorrow with an extra shot of coffee. Phone calls, emails, bills, bills, bills, creditors breathing down your neck and the weekly phone call from mom asking you if you’re still planning your sister’s wedding shower. Sometimes you need to break the cycle and allow yourself to take a mini-vaca before you trip over your own, self-made pothole.
The easiest way to get away from life is to literally peace out! Find a day, find a friend, and pick a location. If you’re missing the freedom of wheels, rent a car for the day or if you can’t stand the thought of driving one more mile, make it a day trip by bus or train. Just like a girl’s night in or a Football Sunday afternoon, bring snacks! Plan ahead and throw nutrition out the window for 24 hours. For a day, let yourself go, you can go back to worrying tomorrow.
Now that you’re on your way, decide on an agenda. Are you going to picnic on the beach? Window shop at the mall? Visit your childhood home? Did your favorite restaurant chain open up 100 miles away? Get your butt over there! There are no rules, whether you’re exploring something new or going back to a nostalgic place, you can do anything!
One note to keep in mind: An agenda is not necessarily a schedule. Be flexible, if you get an idea mid-day, do it! Don’t schedule yourself hour to hour so that you’re worried about making time. This is your de-stress day, there is no schedule of events. Schedules are for reporting to your boss or sitting in the waiting room at the doctor, if those things are your idea of fun you’ve got bigger problems then your bridezilla sister.
Even though this is a day to not worry about time, calories or cash, there are fun things to do that won’t require you to charge up your credit card. Go to a huge super store like Costco, BJs or Stew Leonard’s and eat lunch by samples! No one’s going to care if you don’t buy anything, but those piggies in a blanket will go bad if no one eats them! Instead of trying to find familiar places, try to support local shops and restaurants that will generally be cheaper too. Gift shops, ice cream parlors, stores and diners are all good ideas (i.e. Anderson’s Sporting Goods vs. Dicks; Luigi Pizzeria instead of Pomadoro). It’s not only a fun way to discover new things but meeting locals will also add to your experience.

It’s an adventure, so treat it like one! Have the urge to turn down that road, why not? It’s not like you’ve got somewhere to be! Ask people for recommendations, or if you’re looking for some alone time, just putz around, mull about, no need to be on time and no need to report to anyone. This is your personal getaway, you’re in charge and anything goes! Be the boss of your own mental health day, pedal to the metal and your rut out the window!



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