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Your Summer Weekend in New York July 6, 2013

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A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have a guest join me for the weekend. When you live in New York, the options about where to go, what to do, and what subway you need to take can be daunting but when you have someone to entertain, you suddenly become re-invigorated with the possibilities. Here are some of the new and favorite places we hit. If you’re looking for some summer fun in the heat, but want to avoid the main stream places, theses are DLIHers top choices:


01The Frying Pan – If you haven’t been, you’re missing out on this NYC summer staple! Located on the west, west, west of the mid-twenties the Frying Pan is a barge and boat turned happy hour extravaganza! It’s not a great place if you’re not into crowds or want superior bartending, but if all you’re looking for is some drinks in the hot summer weather you can find it here! Sitting on the boat or the outside of the barge will allow you some relaxing time by the water. The Frying Pan serves both liquor and beer and has a decent selection of outdoorsy food. If you’re in the mood to party, sit on the inside, covered by a large overhang, where the mood is more upbeat with music and young people. Fair warning, the place can often times have a collegey factor, so be prepared. Rule of thumb is that the closer you sit to the water, the more chill it’ll be. It’s all about what you want! When you arrive, don’t be stifled if there’s a line to get in, it moves faster than any other line in NYC. On a hot summer afternoon, this is the perfect spot to be!

02Chelsea Brewing Company – Just south of the Frying Pan is another outdoor spot, right inside Chelsea Piers. The Chelsea Brewing Company is a restaurant perfect for lunch or even dinner. If it’s cool enough, sit outside, right on the docks. They also have a spacious inside portion if you’re more into a/c. The menu is simple but tasty and they have a nice selection of brews. It’s a great place to pass the time when you need a little break from the heat, or even a perfect pit stop if you’re walking along the Hudson. Plus, there is plenty to do in Chelsea Piers, so check it out while you’re there.

03Doc Watson’s – Located on the upper east side, don’t judge this book by its cover. From the outside it looks like your typical dive and while the inside maintains this appearance, the bar is actually a hot spot in this part of town. If the bar seems a bit crowded there is a spacious back area with tables. As a first-timer, the service was great! Our waitress was on top of everything and even dropped by just to talk because we happened to be discussing one of her favorite shows. I found the drink I ordered to be a little light, but I don’t worry, in the least, that if I’d asked them to kick it up a notch, they would have. Overall, a great spot for an afternoon or evening drink away from the crowds of summer but not away from the action


04Momofuku Milk – Find this spot in Williamsburg (although, there are many different locations all over, check them out!) just off of the L/G Metropolitan stop. This little nook is a creative desert and snack shop focusing on the delicious! Some of their highlights include cereal flavored shakes, “crack” pie, and pork or veggie buns. Everything is delicious and just enough food to soothe your cravings, but not leave you on dessert or lunch overload. The space is small, with a couple of benches, so if you’re not dying to eat in, it’s a great idea to take out. However, the food there is so dainty that you wouldn’t need to sit for more than ten minutes to savor every bite!


05Locale –Off the beaten path, Locale is a DLIH frequent flyer. Near the N/Q in Astoria this cafe/bar is a perfect place for brunch! They offer a little bit of everything on the menu and throw in a twist here or there. The food is filing and very good. Mostly, the atmosphere is your quintessential brunch spot. Surrounded by pre-war style buildings and plenty of dogs walking by, you almost forget you’re in a borough. They have both inside and outside seating in the warm months but be prepared that the inside doesn’t offer the a/c you need if you’re escaping the heat. The cute decor and bistro-esque tables are what make meals there worth it, in addition to the full bar. Service isn’t necessarily perfect every time but the prices won’t make you wonder why you came. If you’re looking for something different, it’s DLIH highly recommended.



1. Locale of Astoria - August 12, 2013

Thank you so much for including Locale of Astoria in your blog!
We feel so honored =D
Hope we see you soon!

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