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“A Whole New World” September 13, 2013

Posted by doinglaundryinheels in Life Lessons/Growing Up, Moving, Real World.

When moving to a new city, there are always obstacles you completely foresee; the lack of friends you’ll have in the area, a whole new public transportation and street route to learn, a bunch of job application that will probably never lead to anything, a handful that will lead to awkward interviews, and money slipping through your fingers faster than you can say “I just moved here!”. Check, check and check! As someone who has moved around a pocket-full of times, I knew what to expect and what to prepare for. What I didn’t prepare for? The total lack of inspiration to write posts!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I have the urge to write truthful and meaningful literature for your seeking eyes, but suddenly everything that seemed so “write” in New York now seems to irrelevant. While I have Pascal hard at work on a number of fun things to tease your minds, I’ve simply felt like I needed to take a moment and regroup, to find brand new inspiration! I feel like a completely new person now, and I’m on my way to feeling like a complete person, so with that comes the voice of DLIH and how each experience I, SK, and Pascal have affect the direction of the site and it’s content.

The other day, I was on the “L” coming back from a White Sox game (Quick! First person to figure out where I moved gets a cookie!) and the girl in front of me was writing, a what?, a blog post! I started spying over her shoulder, (until she figured it out and I had to pull the whole “What?! I’m not looking over your shoulder! Only creepers do that! I was just, ugh, gazing out the window in front of yours so I could get a better view of the concrete! duh! It’s really great quality cement, you know.”) and Ms. Really-Great-Hair-and-an-iPhone4S inspired me. I realized that finding new inspiration in a city wasn’t something I, and only I, would ever go through so while I’m trying to find the right things to rant and rave about, I figured this could be a journey we all take, together :). I’m not a fan of the “play-by-play of my day”, so I’ll try to keep it to a minimum and hopefully the deep and thought-inducing posts will be back soon!

Enjoy some editorials about my move and how I’m adjusting while we figure out the next awesome posts for DLIH!

– SK




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