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The Evolving Marketer – Take II July 26, 2015

Posted by doinglaundryinheels in 21st Century/Technology, Education, Following Your Dreams, Jobs and Work.

I don’t often post content that isn’t fresh and original on DLIH, but I recently wrote this post for my professional blog and while writing it thought, “Hey, this is totally relevant!”. DLIH is all about improving yourself, being your best you, and continuously evolving and growing. Professionally speaking, it’s a real reality check to find yourself behind the trend or technology and personally, I always want to be learning something new! So, with out further ado, The Evolving Marketer

There are many of us who don’t remember life before Facebook; even more so, those of us who often find ourselves reminiscing about that mysterious Tom on MySpace. It’s no secret that the world of social media has not only evolved over the last fifteen years, but it has exploded. In fact, technology itself has taken over the mediums we once knew as “media” and formed into an animal all its own. Newspaper subscriptions are now online editions, YouTube has created hosts, singers, makeup artists and comedians, and the ways in which we communicate with one another are not just through written word anymore, but through a variety of virtual vocabularies.

social-media-youth-health-phone-screenIn 2008, I was in my social media prime. There were so many social media positions available and I was exactly what they were looking for, young, knowledgable and grew up with this booming technology. I could set up a Facebook note, I could schedule a post, I could make your blog look like you paid me twice as much to do it. I had gotten my first social media marketing gig and while I was nailing the Facebook growth, there was this website called Twitter, which alluded me, so, in an effort to better understand how this 140 character blab fest could be used to sell our products, I set up my own account and played around. What I learned, very quickly, was that Twitter wasn’t a place for teenagers to mindlessly jibber-jabber, and it also wasn’t a place to sell – it was a platform on which to build community.

Community can mean many things in the marketplace; it means brand loyalty, introducing your customers to new and exciting parts of your company and reminding them why your products are stunning. It’s advertising to people in innovative ways, because the twitter-word travels lightening fast, the second you use the right quote or hashtag the right term, you can find yourself talking to an audience you may have never thought you could reach through conventional methods. Twitter also creates support, it not only lets consumers interact with companies directly and get their questions and concerns answered, but it allows fans to speak to one another, sharing their praises and also finding solutions, in turn growing the brand’s presence without them evening trying.

Over the years, my jobs have evolved, my experience has grown, and what I didn’t notice, until recently, was that the social media world was changing too. As a marketing professional, it’s important to continue your education, but also keep your skill set up to date. That once social media savvy twenty-year old was now a late-twenties marketer who didn’t know what an “Earlybird” filter was. What you forget, as you get older and more experienced is that there is always someone younger and quicker than you. You’ve got to dust off those keyboards and downloaded those apps to make sure you’re always offering clients the best possible outcome, the widest wingspan for their message, and the highest level of results!

The reason I love marketing and live events is that they are unpredictable and ever-changing, they remind you to stay on your toes and be ready to jump at a moment’s notice. Yet, as marketers, we forget that with this exciting and dynamic profession comes our own responsibility to be able to evolve with the trends, and always have a hunger to learn. One day, we won’t recall what we did before Instagram, we’ll fondly remember using USB’s instead of our clouds, and perhaps Xerox flyers will be a thing of the past. Technology has allowed us to find communities and consumers we would have never otherwise had the chance to connect with, it’s like Willy Wonka for social media buffs – any audience you can think of, you can find. Let’s go out there and spread the word!



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