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Finding Your [Original] Zen August 18, 2015

Posted by doinglaundryinheels in Cleanse Mind Body Spirit, Cooking, Health and Fitness, How To, Life Lessons/Growing Up, Tips and Tricks.

We’ve all heard about finding our zen; mediation, yoga, running along the lake front. For many people “vegging” out, or finding their center means working out, dancing, going to a Bikram class or taking a singing lesson. For others, going to church or another religious institution, therapy or sitting alone and drinking tea while reading works. All these conventional methods allow an individual to take time out of their day for their mental, emotional and spiritual health. Something different works for everyone but there are so many of us out there who are still trying to find their zen activity. Running is great, but maybe it’s more work than relaxing. Some people get intimidated in a Pilates class or at the gym. Spirituality is individual, but for many, going to a church or temple isn’t something that gives them inner peace. Sitting still is also very hard, and while it’s important and healthy to just be, it isn’t something that often comes easily. Finding your zen means finding something you enjoy that also relaxes you and gratifies your soul – meaning, sitting on the couch watching TV is out, no matter how much you are trying to convince me that it “makes you emotionally healthier.”

vintage-beauty-vanityThink about something you can do, a singular activity, that you can do without the need of other things. In example, maybe you love knitting, but you find that after ten minutes you get bored if you’re not watching a movie or TV re-runs. Find something that fulfills you on its own. Many people find cooking as a place of peace – it’s mentally interactive, focuses your attention on one thing, and it can be very cathartic. Most importantly, at the end of the process you are left with something beautiful, delicious and made from scratch! A zenful activity is one that satisfies, whether this means you have a finished end product or just a sense of accomplishment.Another great activity is painting – it’s releases the creative juices and can be very calming. Some people paint canvases, paper with watercolors, you can find a pottery painting studio or even enroll in a once a week class. Explore different kinds of art mediums like clay, ceramics, colored pencils. Other great hobbies that can be very relaxing are sewing, cross-stitching, baking, scrap-booking, building things like models or furniture, and photography or videography.

There are even daily activities that you can find to center you, they may seem ridiculous to some, but can really work for others. What about putting on makeup? Are you someone who is always looking for a new daily look or loves to mix and match eyeshadows? Taking twenty minutes, alone, and silent to do your makeup and come up with new ideas, try new things you’ve seen on others can set you up for a very good day! The same goes with picking out an outfit, for the fashionistas out there. Close the door, make some tea, and take an extra ten minutes to find something in your closet you may have never thought to put together! Driving can actually be very calming to some (I know, to others, it’s the total opposite). Try driving with something other than this weeks top hits, maybe classical, jazz, or even silently. It’s a good time to let your thoughts sort themselves out – don’t forget to pay attention though! What about organization?! Cleaning can be very cathartic, it organizes your house and your life. Making a list of to-do’s and scheduling them, writing down the “clutter” in your head will leave room for other ideas and emotions to flow free.

Get creative! Finding peace does not mean dishing out $100 a week for soul cycle (unless that works for you!). Paint your nails, take a bath with some candles, color coordinate your closet, wash the car, pray or just take a walk! Anything that gets you away from things that worry you or stress you out, and let you have at least ten minutes to yourself, no interruptions, no distractions. Keep being happy and keep being heathy!



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