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Remember When…Back To School Happened September 4, 2015

Posted by doinglaundryinheels in Education, Life Lessons/Growing Up, Remember When.

3fc579b7948726e53bff5247a0d5d2c0Recently, all I’ve been seeing are commercials for back to school clothes, back to school supplies, and back to school sales. As someone who hasn’t gone “back to school” in a long time, these commercials usually signal the freedom of the sidewalks and the parks, I’ll finally be able to walk to the store without a twelve-year-old whizzing past me on a skateboard. However, the other day I was sitting in a good ole Applebee’s and two school age girls behind me were desperately texting all their friends to find out which classes they had. It was all they could talk about as the replies poured in. Rather than feeling excited, I felt nostalgic. DLIH hasn’t seen a Remember When post in some time! So here’s a little ode to those precious back to school moments, the good, the bad, the “adorable”.

The sweet, yet somewhat depressing, memoirs of a once-was-a-fourteen-year-old:

Remember when…:

  • Getting your school supplies list was horrible…but then once you got into Office Depot you just couldn’t stop yourself from buying everything.
  • Finding out which lunch period your best friends had was crucial! and finding out they didn’t have the same lunch as you was probably the worst thing that could have ever happened.
  • Everyone walked in the first day of school with brand new, shiny shoes, and then all you heard was squeaking for the next month.
  • Waiting, anxiously, to see how your crush changed over the summer and finding out they had only become hotter! Hoping the “mean girls” would come back hideous, and realizing they, too, only came back hotter and had a new car.
  • Making your locker perfectly color coded, organized, and decorated…but having it last only one week.
  • Procrastinating on your summer reading list, only to spend the last week of summer locked in your bedroom in a last-ditch effort to finish it.
  • The refreshing smell of fall, new plastic, and floor wax…everywhere.
  • Carefully plotting which classes you had with which friends and how you would walk together, while simultaneously planning how you’d escape to see friends you didn’t have classes with.
  • The sheer awkwardness of new kids, and sizing them up to determine if you want to be friends with them or not.
  • Feeling like you were one step cooler because you were one grade older…and if you were a senior, thinking you were the epitome of everything amazing in this world.
  • Waiting to see who made varsity football and wondering how this will, or potentially could, affect your social status
  • Scanning the new and familiar faces on the school bus like you were Iron Man.
  • Picking this year’s SPOT for you and your friends to hang out, and make it known that your group had claimed it.
  • Mentally picking out who you were going to get rides from…and how.
  • Hearing the clicking of heels in the hallway and having that sheer terror wash over you…suddenly remembering why you love summer so much.


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