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Things New Yorkers Dream Of August 9, 2014

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You may have noticed it’s been a little while since anything new has surfaced at DLIH; if you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll also remember that almost this time last year DLIH made it’s long and exciting move from the bustling city of New York to Chicago. When you get older, your desires for how you want to exist change, you make choices about where you want to live and how you want to structure your life. Your age changes, and so does your quality of life. Chicago was a quality of life move, and while New York is still the most bad-ass, capital of the entire universe, moving can give the opportunities that are sometimes impossible elsewhere. So, if you’re wondering why DLIH has been a little more silent than usual…well, you could say that SK has been spending a little bit of time enjoying the things she always dreamed of.
Running through your apartment…and not hitting any walls. Moving is relentless, it always finds a way to go wrong, or take forever, or cost you your soul. Living in New York, there are generally three main things you need to take into account; distance to public transportation, rent, and how shady the neighborhood might be. Size, really isn’t an objective since size and rent are proportionate to one another. You get what you get, and you don’t get upset, and you hang lots of shelves and make lots of storage units to house all the things you just don’t have room for. Until you get a place that lets you chase your cat all over the place without hitting a wall, or tripping over a shoe, and has a kitchen you can actually cook Thanksgiving in, and not just try to.

Trying to figure out what to do with you empty closest, and by closets, we don’t mean spare bedrooms. Actual closets. That are empty. And you actually don’t have stuff to put in them. And you wonder what you would possibly even buy to put in them. Staying with that theme – kitchen cupboards that needs more of the “cup” part and less of the “board”.

Doing your own laundry, in your own washer and dryer, in your own apartment, and it’s free. You don’t need to climb flights of stairs, you don’t need to run back to make sure no one steals your unmentionables, you don’t need to go to the nearest convenience store to get change for a dollar and you don’t need to lug it all back home. It’s just there! You can wash one thing, you can wash fifty!

grocery530Driving in a car you own! For people who are not from New York, let me educate you, many teenagers who are raised in Manhattan don’t learn to drive, and those who do, rarely actually exercise that talent. You don’t need to because public transit will get you anywhere, and with the traffic and aggressiveness of driving, you don’t really want to. Second point, owning a car in the city is dirty expensive – between parking, the nicks and dings, and I would assume city taxes alone, it’s not at all profitable – plus gas, not just paying for it, but having to find it. Let me tell you – the first time you drive your own car, to the grocery store, and get everything you need, and put it in the trunk, and then simply carry it back to your fridge, your head will explode with joy. [insert head exploding sound here]

So, it’s been an amazing couple of weeks outside of the DLIH world, but fear not loyal readers – we’re still here, with just a little more space to work with 🙂



New Year…Same Old You Being Better January 14, 2014

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New year, new you, right? Or maybe just new year, same old you trying to be the you that you wants to be? Well, that’s a mouthful but chances are January 2014 is the time when you save up all the promises you made yourself to actually take action on them. Go the gym more, finally finish that book you started writing, eat healthier, call your grandparents more, stop spending so much money, meet new people, starting to sound familiar? We always start the New Year off with kick in the butt to get stuff done and then bits and pieces of it fall away as the year goes on. To make something stick, you’ve got be committed, you’ve got to stop making excuses, and you’ve got to learn to love it. Sure, some things are easier than others…so here’s two that aren’t hard at all 😉

There seems to be a huge fad on the coasts of the US (NY and LA, primarily) about green juice. That sweet elixir that comes from the freshest and finest veggies out there. I remember the first time I had one, about four years ago. Everyone stared at me like I had my head on backwards, here I was with a see through cup and straw, drinking what looked like a glass of sludge. Today, everyone has a big mug of gack and it’s normal to mix kale and blueberries now. So, when I moved out to Chicago and realized that the Midwest isn’t as “Green” as the Big Apple, I had a mild heart attack. Green juice isn’t just a “thing” for me, I don’t eat nearly enough vegetables and this was how I got my leafy greens in, it replaced coffee and milkshakes when I had cravings, and it kept me hydrated when I was tired of drinking water all day. Devastated, and not having $500 for a nice home juicer, I surrendered. Enter Mom: who saved the day! If you’re needing your fruits and vegetables in liquid form like me, or just want to give health a new kick, the hand blender is your friend! A cup or two of your favorite antioxidants and proteins , about five minutes of your time and some water and you’re in business. I make my green juice almost every morning while drinking my coffee and by the time I leave for the office I’ve got my green slush in a water bottle. Fair warning, blending does make it thick and at times a little chunky, but if texture doesn’t both you, it tastes just as good as the 18 year olds at the gym juice bar make it! One a day gives you the amount of veggies you need!

imageSo for those of us that are all juiced, gymed, and junk TV’ed out, here is something that requires little effort but huge returns. Lumosity. I’ve been seeing the commercials for years and always meant to try to out, but didn’t actually jump on the bandwagon until late last month. The site is exactly what it claims to be, games that exercise your brain. Most are fun…the math ones are not (but that’s just me!), the same way some people favor cardio over lifting weights. It takes about 15 minutes a day to train the brain and the site measures your progress based on goals, markers, and a point system. But does it really work? That’s the question I was asking myself. It says I’m improving but can you really prove it? Story time! When I was in second grade, we had an in-class spelling bee. I rock at spelling…but not out loud. I was the only one who could spell butterflies, because five people before me got it wrong and I had enough time to scribble it out on my desk with my finger. I probably wouldn’t be able to spell my name out loud if it wasn’t only five letters long. I transpose letters, stick extra vowels in, and overall butcher words. So, imagine my shock, the other day, when I spelled out an entire 18 letter e-mail address out loud, letter for letter, without even as much as a mental stumble. Coincidence? Sure, could be, but I can not reiterate to you how much I CAN NOT spell out loud. So, maybe there is a method to the madness. I figure, if I really need to be on the computer, I might as well be doing something useful rather than refreshing my Facebook feed.

Being a better you comes slowly, and your priorities change with age and life experience, but there are things we can do that will benefit us all our lives, these are just two. Doing it everyday, or almost everyday teaches our minds and our bodies that it’s normal, and when something becomes normal, it stops being something we have to try at. So, try it out, make a commitment, and maybe these two baby goals will benefit you too!

Intro To…Owning Your Own Business December 1, 2013

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Intro To…

Starting your own business can be both the most exciting and the most stressful endeavor many people will ever pursue. Most will find themselves working longer hours than they had ever imagined. This is something that should not be taken lightly, and considering the great investment, be it time and/or money, required,, should be fully thought through before making the leap.

The first step is to make sure you’re doing something you enjoy. It will not be uncommon to work 16+ hour days so if you’re miserable from the start…you can expect a short-lived endeavor. At the same time, the satisfaction you’ll feel at the end of the week knowing all the work you put into growing your own business. This will become your child. It will supplant many relationships. It will have you tearing your hair out. You will ride the highs of landing the big contract. You will suffer the lows of balancing your bills until invoices come due. But succeed or fail, you will learn more about business, and more about yourself, than in any other undertaking you will attempt.

Build a business plan. I cannot stress enough the importance of a business plan. Your business plan is your bible. It tells you what demographics to target in your marketing. It gives your mission. It outlines your vision. It is the guide you reference to make sure you are staying true to the company. A basic business plan has an executive summary, company description, market analysis, management and organizational structure, product or service, marketing and sales plan, funding request, financial projections, and an appendix with financial statements, yelp reviews, whatever. If you want to start to get fancy with it, you can do a SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) Analysis, investor exit strategy, and milestones. This business plan should, in essence, detail exactly how the company is going to conduct business. It should describe your product or service, what resources are needed to make business function, what your expenses will be through the first 3-5 years, how your staff will be made up, who your main demographic is that you’ll be targeting, what advertising mediums you’ll use. You should know how much revenue you’ll need every week/month/year to pay your expenses and keep the doors open. To complete your business plan, you must answer all of these questions and more. You can hire a professional to help you out (a quick google search returned one that starts at $395, but remember that you get what you pay for), or you can go at it yourself. There are tons of free resources online that you can use, and most cities have free private and government resources you can access as well. I would say this is especially important for the financial section. If you don’t have experience with financial statements, projections, etc., it can prove to be a quite daunting task. Luckily, however, a cheap option can be just reaching out to people at a local university that are in the finance program. While their model likely won’t be as comprehensive as a CPA’s or an Investment Banker’s, it will likely do the job for what you need it.

business-plan-cartoonI’m a big fan of shows like Kitchen Nightmares, or Bar Rescue, and it kills me when I see an owner that has no clue what his expenses are. I studied finance in college so I might be a bit biased, but I view it as the base of every company. If you don’t know what your expenses are, how can you track your trends, see if you’re spending too much this month? How do you know if you’re actually making money? How to you plan for the future? As soon as you start working on a business, you need to start tracking your money. You should know where every last penny went. The easiest way to do this is to hire an accountant/bookkeeper, but we’re going to assume you’re like me and can’t afford one at first. The next best option is to purchase a program like Quickbooks or Peachtree Accounting. While I believe Peachtree is the better software, Quickbooks is the more popular one so it will be easier to get help when you have issues. There will be more message boards, more references, etc. But either way, these softwares are made with small business owners in mind. They are very intuitive and really make your life easier. Then, at the end of the year, your accountant has a well-organized presentation to work off. You will also be able to generate charts and reports that can help you maximize your profit. I would suggest taking a couple of classes if numbers, and more specifically bookkeeping/accounting, are foreign to you, but the hardest part tends to be putting things in the right accounts. Just fight through this process, and in the future, when you can afford someone on staff, you will be able to look over their work with a knowledgeable eye.

If you’re opening a business it should be because you have a talent that you can leverage as the owner. Maybe you knit well, are a chef, studied music, managed retail stores, read a lot and want to sell books, love being outside and want to landscape, or have any other skill that you think can turn into a business. No matter your skill, it is important to realize your limitations. If you are a great cook at home and want to start a restaurant, fine, but realize that your lack of experience will likely end in ruin if you don’t plan accordingly. Hire people around you that fill in the spaces you’re lacking. Hire a co-chef who has substantial experience under his belt. Bring in an experienced manager for you jewelry shop who has retail experience and can understand the daily workings of a shop. Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you need to run everything. Do what you do best, and allow everyone else to do their jobs as well. You will, ultimately, have to oversee everything, but if you hire quality employees you can at least know they have the experience to carry over their previous business practices that proved efficient in the past.

Trekking out on your own can be a scary experience, especially for someone who has worked for other people their whole life, but it can be one of the most rewarding as well. There is no shortcut to success in this world, it takes hard work, careful planning, and a little bit of luck, but anyone can do it. If you’re really interested, make sure to do your research and get ready for the ride.

So, how do I know all this? Well, some of it was part of my major, B.A. in Business Administration – Finance from Morehouse College, but most was a learning experience. I’ve worked with multiple start-ups and early stage companies in sectors ranging from financial services to international luxury goods. Today, I stand before you as a Senior Consultant for Philippe Consulting, a boutique small business consulting firm, and a partner in Seasoned Vegan, the first full-service vegan restaurant in Harlem, NY. Look out for both, on DLIH and the business stage of the world!

– Pascal


The Funny Story of Beastie Boys, Iowa, and Other People November 7, 2013

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The greatest part of life is the experiences you see, find and make. Even cooler than that, are the experiences and people who are intertwined together, never to meet or occur again, but they leave a permanent scar, an imprint, on your life. The times we will always tell stories about, and never forget, because they were that cool.

I believe that experiences that amazing are worth telling about, so in a non-intentional attempt to veer from the DLIH norm, I’m going to tell you a story about one of the coolest, weirdest, funniest things that’s ever happened to me.

Last year, my cousin came to visit me for a one night lay-over in New York. We grew up together but rarely get to see each other. This was the first time we ever hung out as adults and we were super excited. Rewind about fifteen years — little known fact about SK, I grew up in Iowa and even though I left when I was ten, it holds an extremely special place in my heart and I will defend it to the death. So, here we are, two Iowans in Brooklyn and my cousin tells me she’s brought me a gift. It was a shirt with the Beastie Boys song lyrics written across it, with an outline of Iowa and a star indicating a Brooklyn, Iowa. Apparently, there are Brooklyn’s everywhere. So, instantly I thought this was the coolest shirt I’d ever seen and didn’t care if other people didn’t get it, because I got it and it meant something to me.

20130908_170249 2

Everywhere I wore the shirt, it was kind of hit, I got asked about it every single time. One night, I was watching an MSU game at an Upper West Side bar and the bartender kept smiling at me. I was there with my boyfriend, so it was really uncomfortable. Finally, when I went to get another beer, he smiled at me and while getting my drink said “I love your shirt! I’ve been trying to get your attention all night! That’s basically my favorite song ever, and my wife and I just named our baby girl Brooklyn!” The creeper bartender was actually the coolest person ever! Later on, my boyfriend ordered me a brownie, the bartender asked “What, is it her birthday or something?” he said, “No…she just really loves ice cream”. That night went down as one of the most famous, for many reason, all revolving around the shirt.

In August, I moved to Chicago. Well, so much for the shirt, people either won’t get it, they won’t think it’s cool cause I’m not longer in NY, or they’ll just think I’m some Iowan trying to be special. Until about the third day I lived here. I was in the local Starbucks, minding my own Pumpkin Spice Latte business and the cashier wouldn’t stop looking over at me. When I finally got up to order, I began “Can I please have a…” But she interrupted, “Oh my God! I love, love, love your shirt! I’m from New York and I lived in Brooklyn!…oh wait…Ohhhh my gosh, I’m so confused, it says Brooklyn, but that’s not Brooklyn..I’m so confused?” I explained, that it IS Brooklyn, and the lyrics are ABOUT Brooklyn, but the outline is Iowa, a Brooklyn, IA. I explained my story, not to the amusement of the people in line behind me, and she went about ringing me up and making my drink. The coolest part? This, the drink she made me.


Yes, I thought about getting it encased in a plexi box and keeping it forever, for sheer coolness, and the memory, but alas, a photo will have to do.

So what’s next? All this cool stuff happened when I least expected, so planning would ruin all the fun, but I will tell you this: My cousin and I are making a trip to Brooklyn, Iowa. If nothing else, I will visit the namesake of my great shirt, and all the great stories it has brought me. Live life like you’ve got a lucky t-shirt, never know where you’ll end up.

Your Summer Weekend in New York July 6, 2013

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A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have a guest join me for the weekend. When you live in New York, the options about where to go, what to do, and what subway you need to take can be daunting but when you have someone to entertain, you suddenly become re-invigorated with the possibilities. Here are some of the new and favorite places we hit. If you’re looking for some summer fun in the heat, but want to avoid the main stream places, theses are DLIHers top choices:


01The Frying Pan – If you haven’t been, you’re missing out on this NYC summer staple! Located on the west, west, west of the mid-twenties the Frying Pan is a barge and boat turned happy hour extravaganza! It’s not a great place if you’re not into crowds or want superior bartending, but if all you’re looking for is some drinks in the hot summer weather you can find it here! Sitting on the boat or the outside of the barge will allow you some relaxing time by the water. The Frying Pan serves both liquor and beer and has a decent selection of outdoorsy food. If you’re in the mood to party, sit on the inside, covered by a large overhang, where the mood is more upbeat with music and young people. Fair warning, the place can often times have a collegey factor, so be prepared. Rule of thumb is that the closer you sit to the water, the more chill it’ll be. It’s all about what you want! When you arrive, don’t be stifled if there’s a line to get in, it moves faster than any other line in NYC. On a hot summer afternoon, this is the perfect spot to be!

02Chelsea Brewing Company – Just south of the Frying Pan is another outdoor spot, right inside Chelsea Piers. The Chelsea Brewing Company is a restaurant perfect for lunch or even dinner. If it’s cool enough, sit outside, right on the docks. They also have a spacious inside portion if you’re more into a/c. The menu is simple but tasty and they have a nice selection of brews. It’s a great place to pass the time when you need a little break from the heat, or even a perfect pit stop if you’re walking along the Hudson. Plus, there is plenty to do in Chelsea Piers, so check it out while you’re there.

03Doc Watson’s – Located on the upper east side, don’t judge this book by its cover. From the outside it looks like your typical dive and while the inside maintains this appearance, the bar is actually a hot spot in this part of town. If the bar seems a bit crowded there is a spacious back area with tables. As a first-timer, the service was great! Our waitress was on top of everything and even dropped by just to talk because we happened to be discussing one of her favorite shows. I found the drink I ordered to be a little light, but I don’t worry, in the least, that if I’d asked them to kick it up a notch, they would have. Overall, a great spot for an afternoon or evening drink away from the crowds of summer but not away from the action


04Momofuku Milk – Find this spot in Williamsburg (although, there are many different locations all over, check them out!) just off of the L/G Metropolitan stop. This little nook is a creative desert and snack shop focusing on the delicious! Some of their highlights include cereal flavored shakes, “crack” pie, and pork or veggie buns. Everything is delicious and just enough food to soothe your cravings, but not leave you on dessert or lunch overload. The space is small, with a couple of benches, so if you’re not dying to eat in, it’s a great idea to take out. However, the food there is so dainty that you wouldn’t need to sit for more than ten minutes to savor every bite!


05Locale –Off the beaten path, Locale is a DLIH frequent flyer. Near the N/Q in Astoria this cafe/bar is a perfect place for brunch! They offer a little bit of everything on the menu and throw in a twist here or there. The food is filing and very good. Mostly, the atmosphere is your quintessential brunch spot. Surrounded by pre-war style buildings and plenty of dogs walking by, you almost forget you’re in a borough. They have both inside and outside seating in the warm months but be prepared that the inside doesn’t offer the a/c you need if you’re escaping the heat. The cute decor and bistro-esque tables are what make meals there worth it, in addition to the full bar. Service isn’t necessarily perfect every time but the prices won’t make you wonder why you came. If you’re looking for something different, it’s DLIH highly recommended.

Food and Drink at Any Corner April 18, 2013

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Maybe you’re looking for a way out of the norm, maybe your weekends have become consumed with sitting on the couch and ordering pizza, or maybe you’re on your way to a New York adventure and trying to hit the hot spots, without getting lost on the subway. DLIH had its only little weekend adventure a few weeks ago and discovered some amazing locations, all over the city.


Cafe Cluny

Upon waking, do as the New Yorkers do – Brunch! It’s a great idea, until you try to figure out where to go; talk about death by options! No fear my little poached eggs, I’ve got the go to spot for you, Cafe Cluny in the West Village. Conveniently located near West 4th and 14th Street, this tasty treasure, while at first appearing quite small, is a spacious two room setup with plenty of tables and a menu to match. Be prepared for a wait, since this spot is popular, but don’t fret, there’s enough room for everyone. The wait staff was exceptionally friendly and the decor is calming and beautiful but most of all, BAM! The menu was delicious. It was the perfect brunch taste, a perfect blend of breakfast and lunch and a cozy place to escape the world for a few hours.


The Dutch

Get ready for a trip to in SoHo, The Dutch, located on Prince Street is a labyrinth of rooms and tastes. The menu might lead you to save this place for a special occasion but I guarantee the YUM is worth every penny. This classy, american style bistro-esque restaurant is all about fresh foods, organic produce and great flavors. When you first walk in, you understand why you needed a reservation, until the journey to the dining room begins, the restaurant spans a third of the block and seats comfortably at large booths or tables. The appetizers are heavenly and the entrees are small enough to excuse the appetizer but large enough to be filing. It’s a “let your waiter pour your wine” kinda place, so be prepared to be taken care of, sit back, and enjoy.


5 Lamps Tavern

Out on the town but not trying find famous people in Meatpacking? Gotcha, our celebrity days are long gone too, luckily the Upper West Side offers a good selection of bars that aren’t too hip but not dive either. A random find was 5 Lamps Tavern, near 103 and Broadway. Named for its street lamp with five beautiful lights, this wooden adorned bar is spacious and offers both food and drink. It has TV’s for sports lovers but doesn’t command the sports bar feel. At night, the dim lighting can offer a good casual date spot and, despite it’s proximity to Columbia, doesn’t give off a college-y feel. A good “pop-in spontaneously” or a place to plan a get together.

Female; Mid-twenties; Seeking Job January 19, 2013

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In 2012, Pascal wrote an article about finding the right job. At DLIH, we take careers very seriously but often times, the path to getting anywhere is filled with humor and experiences you love to tell years down the road. At the time, you may not find them all so funny, but for the sake of dirty clothes and high heels, we’re going to delve into the not-so fun funny times of job hunting.
As many of our readers know, SK has been back on the job hunt. The next few paragraphs are an in-depth analysis of the up’s and down’s of interviews…and every last word is true!

Meeting #1 – RSVP
When shopping for jobs on Craigslist, it’s hard to know what’s up from down but after a while, you find a reputable gem. Or not. We never want to go to an interview that’s going to waste our time, but be ready that every now and then, your time is going to get wasted. The hip and up and coming DryBar was hosting open receptionist “auditions”. After reading the description, I knew I was perfect for the job and went ahead and RSVPd, according to the ad’s directions. I received my confirmation email and the day of the interview was beaming with excitement. I showed up, on time, minus a Google maps navigation snafu (i.e. my inability to go the correct way, aka simply follow the blue arrow) and gave my name to the lovely girl registering us through security (Yes…security, welcome to New York). Turns out that, not only was my name not on the list, but about 7 of us girls who had gotten RSVP’s just weren’t put on of no reason what-so-ever. The phone on the email wasn’t answered, no voicemail set up and the email I wrote to the girl hiring received no reply. DryBar, you’re a bad establishment! Organize yourself or be prepared to be trashed for wasting my, and 20 other people’s time. Reputable? I think not. Lesson learned, no matter what, people are going to waste your time and better they waste it during an interview than waste it when they’ve already hired you.

Meeting #2 – The Hidden Contract
Some ads seem perfect for you and want to meet you right away, don’t always take that as a bad sign, sometimes you’re exactly what they’re looking for!…but are they what you’re looking for? Don’t forget that job hunting is a two way street. Interview number 2 lasted about 5 minutes, and here’s why: Shortly after arriving at the day spa, I realized something very interesting about the establishment, which wouldn’t have been mentioned in the ad…not only was I the only european person there, but I was also the only person that did not speak Chinese. Now, many of you may be comfortable with that, the location itself was quite nice, and an easy commute, but I knew right away it just wouldn’t be a fit. As the interview began, two things became very apparent, they really wanted to hire me…and they really wanted me to sign a 6 month contract. Well then, seeing as this wasn’t my dream job and I wasn’t even sure I’d be there in 2 months, I said thanks, but no thanks and went to Starbucks instead. Cheers caffeine lovers.interview_1663705

Meeting #3- Hipster Status: Under Qualified
You know how, by law, we can not discriminate people based on race, gender, religion, age etc? Well, apparently, that doesn’t apply to the types of clothes you wear, and how bubbly/not-bubbly you are. Now, I understand when someone interviews and they just don’t fit in to the flow of the company, but it’s an entirely different situation when you interview for a job that requires little qualification and you never hear back…because you know you were too preppy. As a human, I don’t consider myself preppy and neither do my friends, but when I’m around hipsters, you might as well slap an Ivy League sorority sticker on my forehead and tie an argil sweater around my neck. The job was for a super cute doggy day care and grooming place in Williamsburg. An opportunity to do reception while seeing doggies all day, and getting paid! DEAL! So when I finally got the interview I thought it could be a great opportunity. When I arrived, the woman interviewing me looked like she had just finished building a house…or skateboarding. I get it, you’re walking dogs, but come on. She asked if we could sit outside…she also didn’t remember my name…it was cold outside, and it started raining. Nice. “So, tell me about yourself” she began – for those of you who don’t know, at my previous position I was heavily in charge of hiring, never begin with generics. Our “interview” lasted no more than 5 minutes, I’ve been doing reception since I was 16 and I have 15 years experience with dogs. Never got a call. Never got an e-mail. and honestly…Thank God for small favors. I’ll roll around with pups any day, but grunge and hipster just aren’t my style.

Meeting #4 – My Dream Office
When I was a little girl, I dreamed of working in SoHo, so when I got an interview with a very reputable company I was excited to see what it was all about. The office was open floor plan, white columns, hardwood floors, floor to ceiling, old New York windows…screw the job, when can I move in?! I knew I fit in here, it was a jeans and heels kinda place, and what’s an SK without her heels?! Everyone was super nice and these weren’t even the people interviewing me. The meetings were swift but I didn’t mind, it was like chatting with someone at a coffee shop rather than a future boss and the work I’d be doing sparked my creative fire…sounded like the perfect match. I really wanted the job, and they really liked me, and I had pretty much run out of money, so it was all just such perfect timing! Ever walk down the street and you think it’s raining, and then you’re like “oh, no, it’s just diamonds falling from the sky?”…yeah, me neither…but it seemed like a nice metaphor. So, how did this job work out? You’ll have to keep reading DLIH for that. The moral of the post-y isn’t about how I got a great job, it was that every interview is different, and sometimes when you’re expecting amazement, you get dirt…other times you apply on a whim and get the best job ever.

Bottom line – interviews are like dating. We love to brag, boast and be completely mortified with all our dating dilemmas & crazy encounters. Finding a job really isn’t any different, sometimes one shot is all it takes..but sometimes, it’s going to take an entire bar tab to get you through it! Don’t fret, keep at it…and when you’re feeling down in the dumps about not finding your perfect, dream job, come back to this article and think to yourself “oh, right, my interview wasn’t that bad.”

SK Likes It!- Product Reviews November 6, 2012

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We all know about video blogging…well, looks like DLIH is tipping it’s high heeled toes into the lake of face to face online venting! (or, at least, that’s what I call it!) Welcome to the video blog of Doing Laundry in Heels: H-Blog! ….Heels Blog, of course!

H-Blog: SK Likes It! Product Reviews

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So You’re Moving to New York… October 14, 2012

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If you’ve decided to move to New York, you might be a little unsure on where to start. And, that’s where a gal like me comes in. Not that I’m an expert or anything, but I am someone who was in your place a little over a year ago. So, here are a few tips and things I learned along the way.

Be realistic and open to anything.
Repeat after me: I will be realistic and will not model my move to New York or my life in New York after anything I have ever watched on television.

Your first apartment probably won’t be some crazy roach infested hole in the basement, but it probably won’t be a snazzy loft in TriBeCa either. Also keep in mind that you might have to take a less than perfect job so you can get to New York and pay your rent. But, nothing is set in stone. You can always find something better and more permanent once you get here and get settled.

Put yourself out there. Everywhere.
Network like crazy. Use LinkedIn and other social media sites, Craig’s List, job boards, and friends. I actually made most of my friends here because of blogging and social media. My roommate (and your resident DLIH pair of legs!) was a friend of one of those friends. You never know who might have a connection.

Downsize as much as humanly possible.
20121010-131209.jpgOnce you’ve figured out your place and your job, you’ll need to actually get your stuff to New York. Do yourself a huge favor and get rid of anything you don’t love or need. Even furniture. This was one of the hardest things for me, but also something I was really glad I did. After scoping out how much it would cost to move all my things I had no idea how I was going to swing it all. So, with the suggestion of my mom, I gave away/sold all my furniture, downsized all my belongings, and then we packed everything we could into her 4-door car. Remember, compared to where you’re probably living now the size of apartments is twice as small but also twice the rent.

Looking at my place now, you would never guess that I arrived with a couple of boxes, my clothes, and my Grandma’s hope chest.

You’ll feel overwhelmed, but don’t freak out.
Once you arrive here, no matter how excited you are to be in the Big Apple, you’re going to feel crazy overwhelmed. As I was carrying my belongings into my place, I kept thinking “what did I just do?” and I still felt it the next day when I woke up on an air mattress, in a room filled with stuff I had no place to put.

Make it feel like home.
Take the time to go explore your new surroundings. In my case, I needed a bed and other things for my room anyway, so it was the perfect excuse. Once you’ve done that, work to make your place feel more like home. Hang pictures or light candles – do whatever you can to make your new space feel like it’s your own.

Before long you will have realized you’ve been in New York a whole year. Trust me, the time goes by really fast. And then, of course, it will be time to celebrate.

-Jess Downey


Jess Downey is a freelance writer, blogger and online columnist who currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. She’s a former ChicagoNow.com blogger who has also written articles for Examiner.com, Bad Online Dates, The eFlirt expert and Get2Know.me.
In 2011, Jess launched her own blog called Not What I Ordered. She’s also been a guest writer for other dating blogs.
While focusing her efforts on writing about life and dating, paying NYC rent and finding the best mexican restaurant in town, Jess also enjoys skype-ing with her family and is a patriotic Michigan State University football fan. At times, her voice may precede her, but she’s always ready for a bottle of wine and a great chat! Learn more about Jess at her website jessdowney.com.

Slap You with my Headphones! June 12, 2012

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We all know about video blogging…well, looks like DLIH is tipping it’s high heeled toes into the lake of face to face online venting! (or, at least, that’s what I call it!) Welcome to the video blog of Doing Laundry in Heels: H-Blog! ….Heels Blog, of course!

H-Blog: Slap You with my Headphones!

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