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Fall Asleep FAST! April 20, 2015

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Sleepless, stressed and most importantly sleepless. Did I mention sleepless? It’s the most agonizing thing almost anyone can go through. Just laying there, staring at the clock, thinking about how many hours you have left to potentially get some rest before you have to wake up? If you haven’t been there, you’re not human. Try this on for size! The 4-7-8 breathing trick! DLIH TESTED, DLIH APPROVED!

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 5.24.44 PM

It’s not the easiest thing in the world, do not be fooled. Also, it may not knock you out in a 30 second flat like the article seems to claim, but what it will do is relax your body and get you into sleeping mode. Due to the concentration on breathing and counting, it will eliminate the chance of your mind wandering to things that you are stressed or worried about. If it doesn’t help you fall asleep right away, it will get you to Mr. Sandman time much faster!


Spa Day Saturday! February 21, 2015

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One of my personal projects the last several months has been leading a more fulfilling life. Ultimately, this is a dream that’s unattainable, since we know life will never be perfect, but I want to be healthy emotionally and mentally, not just physically, which means finding time to do things that make me feel happy, even if they are small. I would call taking care of myself a luxury, because for years I’ve been preaching about taking care of yourself, I’ve been told that I need to make me my number one priority, but when you’re hustling and just trying to get by, it falls to the bottom of the to-do list.

Being a girl is also part of allowing yourself to be special. Sometimes, being healthy just means watching 13 Going on 30 while doing your nails, and not having anyone need you, judge you, or annoy you. So, late last year I created Spa Day Saturday. “Saturday” can be a Friday, it can be a Monday morning, it can be a Thursday afternoon, it doesn’t matter when you do it, as long as you allow yourself to do it and not let anything stand in the way of that.

Every Saturday morning I wake up, I make a coffee and I watch TV on the coach for a few hours while cuddling with my cat. I might make breakfast, I might not, depends on what I feel like. The point of the morning is no stress, no drama, no worries. Then I give myself a full spa day! I take a long hot shower, and be sure to scrub with my Simple Sugars, double condition my hair (or treat it if I’m feeling really ambitious), take care of anything else in the shower including shaving, or really sudsing up just because it’s fun. I don’t put myself on a timeline or try to be out by a certain time. I’ll also do my eyebrows this day, make sure they’re perfect, and do any face treatments that I have lying around. At some point I’ll also do my oil pulling (coconut oil! woot! woot!); typically I’ll do it while in the shower, but I’ll sometimes move it to after if I’m just not in the mood yet. I always feel super clean and invigorated after spa day, not only because it’s fun, and something to look forward to, but because it gets me ready for the week ahead with healthy, shining skin, hair, nails etc.

For fun twists – I’ll sometimes turn on music depending on my mood, or I may relocate to a different bathroom which gives it a super spa feel, since it’s not my day-to-day shower location. This is also a super fun time to use any samples you may have gotten from Sephora, friends, BrichBox etc. the most important thing to making spa day work is that you actually do it, I’m fortunate that I have Saturday mornings to myself, but on the off chance I don’t, or I have to move it to a different day due to scheduling, I make it clear that I am not to be bothered for a while, it’s my time to relax and beautify!

It’s Okay to Be a Girly Girl January 18, 2015

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From our earliest days in the nursery we are raised in pink, purple and pastels. As we grow older we fall into lipstick, high heels, hair curlers, and little black dresses. Then, somewhere along the way, we start hearing about the “guy’s girl”, the girl who wears jeans and a baseball jersey to sit on the couch and drink beer while watching the game. Girls play sports, girls work in construction, girls run marathons and girls can finish that tallboy just about as fast as any grown man could. So, if girls can do anything, why do we sometimes feel uncomfortable just being who we are…a girl?

There are a lot of feminists out there that will tell us pink makes us weak. There are a lot of men out there who are looking for a girl who can throw on a hoodie and go for a hike. There are also a lot of females out there who will give you a dirty stare if you walk into a room with your 6-inch heels and chandelier earrings. It’s almost as if we’re only comfortable wearing our pretty dresses and false eyelashes when we’re in a room full of men, until the meat market looks start, then we’d much rather crawl into our flannel sweatpants and Winne the Pooh zip-up. When did being pretty become such a weird thing? Is Bravo TV the only place a woman can throw on her skinny jeans and wedges and walk around confidently with her Marc Jacobs?(okay, maybe using Bravo TV is just a bad example, but…). I call a personal foul on the whole world!

audreygraceHere’s why pretty can make us better people; (more…)

Remember When – You Didn’t Worry About THESE Things? July 5, 2014

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Remember when you didn’t think about these things…and now, they’re part of your conscious thought processes? Sorry, twenty-somethings, life is only going to get harder from here on in, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. First step to enjoyment? Laughter. Grab a glass of wine, and join our club of self-pity and “Oh my gosh! I do that!” moments.
Here are the “Remember When You Didn’t Worry About…”‘s

Remember when you didn’t worry about…
Who to invite? As you get older, you meet more people, some you like, some you don’t, some you used to like and now you don’t. Likewise, the older you get, the more events you encounter – job promotions, engagements, weddings, anniversaries. When you were seven, and it was your birthday, all your cousins and neighbors and classmates came, now, it’s a russian roulette of who you don’t invite. Stacey is a serious gossip and a backstabber, so you don’t want her to be part of your event, but then she’ll be the only person in your office you’re not inviting to your wedding. You haven’t seen Uncle John in nine years, and no one in your family likes him, but your cousin is the one who got you you’re new job, so, now you’re just going to spend the entire party worry about him not insulting one of your friends. Worst of all…the events that you get invited to. “Did they invite me because they want me to come, or because it was the right thing to do? Do I want to go? And if I don’t, is that rude? Should I feel bad? If I go, how much money will this cost me? Will I know anyone there?”…so many questions. What happened to the simplicity of Chuck E Cheese?

Your weight. AND stamina…AND skin…AND complexion…AND heartburn? So gross! When we were sixteen, and nineteen, and twenty-one, we could stay up all night doing shots, wake up the next morning at nine, pop a Gatorade and some doughnuts and be in class or at work, looking, more or less, normal. Now, two glasses of wine put you out for 24 hours, not eating a solid breakfast puts you at the top of the stairs out of breath, things like “skin care creams” and “anti-aging serums” are now things you are considering buying, and when you see commercials for Prilosec or Tums you wonder “eh, I should pick some up next time I’m buying nail polish remover”. What happened?! You’re only 28 and these are things you’re dealing with. Defeated by age, aren’t we still supposed to be considered young?!

Retirement. Not to say it feels any closer than it did five years ago, but not thinking about it is no longer an option. Your HR department hands you a 401K form, or your father insists you open your Roth IRA next time he’s in town, or your banker starts asking you questions about loans, mortgage plans, and how all these will affect your life after your career. You’re still figuring out how to pay off your student loans without having to live in a an apartment the size of a closet. Thinking about retirement is super depressing when you haven’t even gotten knee-deep in your career, or you’re still figuring out which direction you want to go in…but everyone wants to know what you plan to do for money when you’re 65. “How about, what am I planning to do for money next month?”

1349831763184_6087440….About how old child stars were? When we were kids, we loved seeing Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a strapping teenager, or the kids of Dawson’s Creek growing up, and making movies. Dakota Fanning is twenty. Yup, she is twenty. Have a big gulp of wine…if you didn’t feel old yet, you do now, right? Oh, by the way, JTT is 32. You’re welcome.

Which school district is good? Even though you’re still un-hitched, and you’re years away from having babies, the idea of purchasing a property seems possible in the near future, and makes you feel like you’re moving up in the food chain. So, while you’re checking out different suburbs (and wondering WHY the HELL you’re on Zillow & Google Earth looking at houses) you’re also skimming the net for the best school districts in the area. Sad, but true, even before you have bundles of joy in diapers, you’re thinking about where you’re going to send them to school. Children, taking over the world, one psychotic break at a time.

Taking care of your parents. No matter how young they are, or you are, you worry about what will happen when they need you. Can you afford an emergency plane ticket to go help them? When they move to a new neighborhood, or a new house, will they be lonely? Do they miss you being around? Who are their friends and what are their intentions? Does their boss respect them? Life was a lot easier when they embarrassed you at the mall in front of the “cool kids” and you pretended you didn’t know them. Now you care… a lot.

What time the live music at the bar will start? When you were twenty-one, you were at the front of the crowd, speakers blowing out your ear drums, holding your fourth, or fifth, drink of the night with your arms around total strangers singing songs you’ve never heard before together and secretly imaging the lead singer asking you out. Now, 9pm rolls around,you see the amps and you ask your waitress what time the band will go on so you can be sure to tab out before then. You’ve got a new episode of the Bachelorette waiting for you on your DVR and a group of girls wearing shirts as dresses just walked in. As you walk out, you don’t realize you still have the same shirt/dress in blue stuck at the back of your closet. Oops.

Things like a lazy susan. I bet when you were searching for your first place your list was pretty minimal – working heat, space for a full size bed, a bathroom that doesn’t attract rats, and a kitchen that could pass for something bigger than a hotel room hot plate. Your latest apartment search included something more along the lines of – central air, washer and dryer in unit, storage closet, a kitchen with a window above the sink, a mud room or something that could be used for one, and a lazy susan cabinet. And somehow, these were all non-negotiable. Mr. & Mrs. Picky Pants…or, are we just old and refusing to live in the same building as a frat. Hm, the later.

d383cf36.jpg.505x650_q85Looking, sounding and having opinions just like your parents. The first time you say or do something and realize that is exactly how your mom sounded, or your dad acted and you’re paralyzed by sheer horror at the event. It’s not that it’s actually so awful, it’s more like when you walk into a room where someone in naked, you’re more shocked and confused then you are sure of what just happened.

We used to think that getting older, feeling older, or worrying about being older was something bad, but, to be honest, when you look at twenty-two year olds now, aren’t you relieved you aren’t THAT anymore? Someone once said,”Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.” When you think of it in those terms, all those things listed above are an amazing and comical thing that we are all lucky to have as part of our lives. Getting older is like good wine, the olda’ the betta’!

July Needs Some Ketch-Up June 27, 2014

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It’s KETCH-UP WEEK at Doing Laundry in Heels! June has been a rollercoaster of articles, SK traveling, Pascal resurfacing, and even with all that, it still needs some ketchup! So here’s what’s been on the grill this month and what’s been hot!

The Real Life Rules of Respect and Honesty – By Pascal
Respect and honesty are funny things. As far as my experience goes, everyone wants to be respected, and really, most people think they deserve respect in one manner or another, but what are the rules on respect? In the same vein, “honesty is always the best policy” and “relationships are based on honesty”…right?…Read more!

Turning Pretend into Reality
Many of us are very hard on ourselves. If we’ve felt like we’ve battled life alone – we are constantly trying to find the next level of achievement. If we came from wealth, or help, or a life that was created to be easy – we want to prove everyone wrong. If you’ve always been a winner – failure is the ultimate defeat. If you’ve rarely been a winner – then winning is the only thing you strive for. Most of us fall into one of these categories, if not a couple, so with people like us, we’re always searching for the next thing, reaching for the next level, wanting to prove to the world that we made it…Read more!

Detaching From The Situation
“You’re a horrible person.”

“You did the opposite of a good job.”

“What made you think this was a good idea?”

“You’re seriously under performing.”

Things we’ve all probably heard at one point or another. Whether it’s coming from a boss, or co-worker, a friend, a parent or a partner, it’s the worst thing to hear and it’s shocking. When you’re sitting at the opposite end of a table and someone looks you dead in the eye and starts telling you that you’re, basically, worthless, your first reaction is shock. In your mind you’re thinking “What is happening right now? Is this for real?”…Read more!

Simple as Sugar – A Review about Simple Sugars Skincare! (Yum)

Anyone who has spent more than ten minutes with me knows that I have an enormous sweet tooth, probably more so than most other people on the planet. If there’s dessert, I’m there, but I recently found a product that is as sweet as sugar (literally!) but rather than making you breakout and plump up, it does something good for your body…Read more!

The Sides of Needing Space – this month’s GoodGuys File
There are two types of people out there, those who need space and those who do not. Most people like to think they’re one kind, but are probably the other. So, what happens when you’re in a relationship and spending the majority, if not almost all, your time with the same person? What happens you ask? Fights, tension, lashing out or snapping for no good reason. Human beings weren’t meant to be alone, but they weren’t meant to be together 24/7 either. Finding the balance in a relationship is a fine line, but it isn’t an invisible one…Read more!

Oh…and by the way, WE TURNED FOUR IN JUNE! and there was lots of cake!

As Simple as Sugar! June 20, 2014

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Anyone who has spent more than ten minutes with me knows that I have an enormous sweet tooth, probably more so than most other people on the planet. If there’s dessert, I’m there, but I recently found a product that is as sweet as sugar (literally!) but rather than making you breakout and plump up, it does something good for your body.

Not too long ago, I did a juice cleanse. What I learned through this process was to pay attention to what really goes into my body. It’s amazing how much your skin absorbs, more than you could ever be aware of. I began to read more and more articles about what makes a product natural or organic, what makes it good for you, and how it can benefit you. I made a lot of life changes after this cleanse, and one thing I definitely wanted to change was my skin care routine. No matter how good a product it, it’s full of chemicals. If you do the research, you find out that actually most things found in nature can do the same job as all those compounds on the shelves of Walgreens. I tried to concoct some of my own formulas for skin care, but there is a reality of life – time, money, energy, effort. Sometimes, those four magic factors don’t always work together. So, I tried a new route, finding something that was natural and healthy but also wasn’t going to crack any paychecks.

Then, it dawned on me (while running on the treadmill, at the gym…okay, okay, it was on the TV!) a Shark Tank product! As a big fan of the show, I’m always shouting “I want that!” but sometimes, forget to follow through. When I saw an update about Simple Sugars, I remembered how much I had wanted it so many months ago. Simple Sugars is a skin wash/exfoliant made up of natural smells, flavors, ingredients and, yes, sugar! Unlike sugar water, it doesn’t leave you feeling sticky and even more clogged, it really does work! If you want to read the ins and outs of Simple Sugars, their website is a great source, but rather than rattling on about the great benefits to skin, let’s chat about what a real life experience with Simple Sugars feels like.

The variety of body, foot, and face scrubs, plus the different smells, or “flavors”, makes it hard to choose which to start off with! Different ingredients have different properties so I went with Coffee for my face and Lavender for my body. I love how caffeine perks up my skin, and the smell wakes me up and comforts me, not to mention, I have used coffee grinds on my face before and love how smooth they leave it. I also love lavender for opposite reasons, it’s so soothing and relaxing and always leaves me feeling refreshed in a calm and rejuvenated way. Simple Sugars work on the skin, but they’re also fun! Mixing it each time (the oil and sugar separate), glopping some onto your skin and getting all soft and smooth as you wait for the sugar to “melt”, then you wash it off and,”aaaaahhh” so clean! The best part – the oil!

I hate any kind of oil on my skin, it makes me feel gross. I rarely use moisturizers because of this, I hate the residue they leave. Simple Sugars oil is different. After you pat dry, or get out of the shower, you instantly feel this silkiness. At first, it really feels like oil, but after a couple of minutes it soaks into your pores and it almost feels like a soothing medication; like when you have a bug bite and cortisone cream makes it stop itching. It’s an experience you have to feel for yourself. I feel like I am making my skin healthier.

The great part of this experience is how relatively inexpensive it is, I paid under $40 for both scrubs that will probably last me a couple of months. I’m excited to try all the different smells and happy healing properties of the different scents and ingredients! Most of all, I am so happy to have found something that is good for me and my skin, and I think is just fun to use, who doesn’t want a mini-at home spa?!

Get your own sweet tooth at SimpleSugars.com and check out this young entrepreneur’s story on Shark Tank! Support American businesses while being healthy and happy!

Happy scrubbing!

It’s a Birch Box! April 15, 2014

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Perhaps you’ve heard the buzz going around about this thing called a Birch Box. I first heard about it when a friend posted a photo of her first Birch Box. Looking at it, I could tell two things – it was, in fact, a box, and it had a lot of small cosmetics, and such, in it. I’ve never been a samples girl, usually when they get thrown in my bag at Sephora or elsewhere, they sit around on my vanity for a couple of months collecting dust until I try them out, all in one day, in an effort to get rid of them. So, the concept of a Birch Box wasn’t really something I thought I would enjoy. The holidays came and when I opened my presents on Christmas morning I had a complimentary 6-month subscription to Birch Box. So, I thought, why not?

First thing’s first, What is a Birch Box?

A Birch Box is Netflix for the girly girl (Men, you don’t have to keep reading, but you DO need to scroll to the last sentence!). Like trying new eyeshadows, perfumes, nail polishes and chocolate (yes, chocolate!)? Then you’ll like Birch Box. Birch Boxes arrive on your doorstep once a month, like a magazine, and are filled with a variety of different new product samples for you to try. They aren’t just samples like you get from a store, some of them are large enough that you can really try them out by using them for a month or two. I got a face primer that I’ve been using since January! A Birch Box can contain any of the following – makeup, perfume, skin care and lotion, hair products, tea, chocolate, nail polish, a healthy snack, fun cards with tips or motivational quotes, and other fun things!

So, how do you know what’s coming to you?

Well, you don’t, but you can control what you like and don’t like. When you set up a Birch Box account you create a profile and by answering certain questions, Birch Box knows what to send you a lot or a little of. If you’re not a nail polish person, or if you really love perfume you can tell them so they don’t send you as many, or send you a lot! If you try a product and you really like it, you can mark it “favorite” on your profile or buy it! For everything you buy you get Birch Box points which can be credited towards purchases! In a way, its like a personal shopper that gets you everything you want in one, easy place, and you try it out first!
“I’m just not a samples person, I know what I like and don’t like.”

Said, ME!, but I love Birch Box. I’ve bought so many new products in the short time I’ve had it. Sometimes I need something (like face primer) but because they can be rather expensive, I don’t want to shell out for something I won’t like. Additionally, perfume; every time I find one I like, it gets discontinued. I hate shopping for perfume because it’s so time-consuming and there are a lot of brands I won’t even try because of preconceived notions. I found a fantastic new perform through Birch Box, it was sent to me, so in an effort to get rid of it I tried it and I loved it! Birch Box isn’t just about getting samples, it’s really about making your makeup, skin, nail and hair care easier!

…Did I say chocolate before?

Yup! 90% of your Birch Box is makeup and such, but you’ll also get chocolate to try, tea, an other goodies like healthy snacks and granola. So, if free nail polish isn’t enough to be excited about, you can look forward to a scrumptious little something too.

How do you get a Birch Box –> sign-up! you can get different lengths of subscriptions so you don’t have to commit to a full year.

What if you’re thinking, “I’m a guy, this was the most pointless post ever!”

HOLD YOUR HORSES! there’s Birch Box for men! No, it’s not masculine nail polish and invisible mascara, it’s stuff for you guys! check it out on the website!

The Woman Cave October 19, 2013

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The easiest things to write about are the ones you believe in. Earlier this year, when I read this post by The Urban Dater, I knew I had to write my rebuttal. Now, when most people hear the word “rebuttal”, they hear “battle”. I agree with every single thing written in the post, and I actually think man caves look pretty cool. So, when I say rebuttal, what I really mean is the flip side – the woman cave.

20131019_135144_HDRAs women, we take on a lot of responsibilities. Our job is to look good, look sexy, look professional; be soft and empathic but be able to hold our own in a crowded room or a meeting full of men. We work, we cook, we clean, we care and we even give ourselves jobs others are supposed to do in fear that they won’t be done right if we don’t do it them ourselves. We need time to decompress too! However, when you ask your man to build you a spa, or a walk-in closet they usually respond with “What do you need that for?”. We need space differently than men. We don’t necessarily need to hunker down in a room dedicated to the glory days of our alma mater. We need space to feel pretty being simply who we are. Those days we stay in our favorite sweats and paint our nails while watching Channing Tatum movies. So, how are we ever going to do that when there’s no place to just be ours?

A woman cave is different from a man cave. It may not be our own room, it may not even be separate from our significant other’s stuff, but it’s a space that’s uniquely ours that no one wants to steal. Pick a space, a small section of the bathroom, the top of our dresser, or a naked wall. Then do things that make it ours. The top of your dresser can become your jewelry and makeup station, a naked wall can turn into a bag and accessories wall, or the corner of your bathroom can be a small powder room just2012-10-14-191 for you. There are certain compromises you can make when you can’t have a room all to yourself; if you have a guest room ask your hubby, boy, or partner if you can decorate it. That way, when you need a break from the world, you can hang out in a place that has a piece of you, and makes you feel comfortable. Also, if there is a spare room, see if you can share it, maybe one side of the room can be your office space, with your trinkets, pictures and candles and the other can be their wall of memorabilia. Many can do this in their bedroom, one side of the bed versus the other. Get creative by buying things that are girly, or “you”. A fancy mirror, decorative photos or wall art, things that are shiny or your favorite color. There are lots of DIY projects out there that can make creating your space cheap and still very classy. These great ideas work especially well for people with small spaces or apartments. Simple things like an empty shelf in a bookcase, the top of a nightstand, or even those cubby style organization units can act as part of your special territory. Every time you use the space you’ll feel relaxed and alone… but alone in a good way.

Space is important, but we can’t always get it when we need it, so we have get creative and make compromises. Sure, it may seem unfair that your man might get a whole room just for his beer mini-fridge and an old couch, but at least you’ll know you always have a secret space that means a lot to you.
display cubbies

Do It Yourself – HALLOWEEN October 19, 2012

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After so many years of Halloweens it can become harder and harder to come up with a costume that’ll stand out in the crowd. As someone who’s never bought a costume in her life, I’ll tell you it can be difficult to balance creativity with inexpensive and something you can throw away on November 1st. For those of you who are up to the DIY Halloween costume challenge, here are my personal tricks of the trade!

Halloween 2008
White Rabbit

First of all, purchasing a costume usually ranges between $25 to $40 depending on what you’re going as. Considering you’re never going to wear this again, it’s a colossal waste of money. The trick to making your own costume is incorporating things you already own, finding the least expensive way to create what you want to be, and buying thing you’ll be purchasing anyway.

Old t-shirts are a great tool, you can paint them, cut them up and sew or draw onto them. Clothes like leggings, shorts, tank tops, and hats are easy to layer or incorporate, plus you already own them so dig through your drawers. Old makeup can also be useful if you need to draw on shirts or make a messy/gruesome/dead/drunk look. I used white eyeliner and scissors in 2009 on an old tank.

Get creative when it comes to buying stuff and be open-minded, stores like TJ Maxx are great for low price outfit pieces. In 2010, I purchased a plain white skirt for 8 bucks and painted black lines on it instead of searching for a black and white bottom. In 2008, I bought a little boy’s large polo and cut it up to reflect a vest; I then got creative with a fake looking-glass I found at Party City by drawing a clock on paper and taping it on since I couldn’t find a fake pocket watch. It’s important to remember that while you want this to look good quality you’re essentially making something you’re going to toss, so be flexible with your designs.

Halloween 2009

Sometimes your costume will require elements that are only Halloween related, in this situation get the cheapest you can find. American Apparel has some great Halloween accessories but they come with a fat price, get your goods from dollar stores, Walgreens, grocery stores, or hole-in-the-walls in your neighborhood. You don’t need $15 fishnet tights when you know they’re going to tear halfway through your party. When you can scrimp on most items, it leaves you extra cash on things you can’t find cheap (I.e. Minnie ears, 2011). If you do need to buy one time use items, relax, it’s all in the name of fun! Check eBay and Amazon which generally have things for dirt cheap and ask friends, someone you know must have a kid who owns a princess tiara, or they went as a vampire last year and still have their face paint.

If you’re artsy or adventurous, art stores have a lot of great tools like fabric paint, decals, ribbons, buttons, pinking shears, stickers, etc. A little more money to spend but definitely worth it if you’re the kind of person who enjoys arts and crafts and decorating your costume. Youtube has a lot of great and creative suggestions about how to decorate things and also my recommendation for make-up ideas, tricks and hairdo’s for whatever outfit you desire!

Halloween 2010 and 2011
BeetleJuice, Half Minnie/Half Mickey

When deciding on my Halloween costume, I always try to find things that I may buy anyway… Not just articles of clothing but accessories too. If you want to go as a crazy baker, buying new oven mitts at Target is something you’d probably need anyway or if you’re going as your
favorite baseball player, use that as an excuse to invest in a jersey that you’ll wear time and time again. If you’re trying to be a celebrity, jewelry like hoop earrings, bracelets, or hair clip-in extensions are pretty reasonable at places like Claire’s, but also a good investment in the real deal if you know you’re going to wear them in real life. Like I keep stressing, you’re going to throw this costume away, so keep it on a “do not need” basis (old, school uniform skirt, 2009) or a “kill two birds with one stone” deal. Most importantly, get creative and have fun!

The Back-To-Anything Prep Guide! September 5, 2012

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When I first put my pre-teen shoes on, and stepped into the unknown world of becoming an adult (..and a writer, for that matter), I subscribed to a magazine called Girls Life (GL). GL was the pre-pre-pre Cosmo/Self for pre-teen girls who thought they knew everything about the world, only because they were too afraid to admit they didn’t know squat. As I got older, the articles became irrelevant, redundant and boring so, as I aged I changed my reading tastes to more mature magazines, but there was one article that always stayed with me. It wasn’t because it was deep, meaningful or important, it’s because it was fun. It’s been over ten years now, and I still remember that article like I know the layout of Central Park…or the back of my hand.

At DLIH we love nothing more than a good step-by-step guide to, well…anything! In light of the new events taking place in the fall, a “Back To School” five step prep guide felt like the right thing to do, a light-hearted pre-anything routine that can lift your spirit, boost your confidence, and give you an edge. Even if your school days are long gone (phew!) there’s always something to prep for; the brand new job, new city, new apartment, new or growing relationship, maybe an important meeting, trip, or just because you need a pick-me-up. It’s also a great idea for a staycation or a weekend with the pals.

Follow this day-by-day prep course five days prior to the “event”. It’s nothing big, it’s nothing you wouldn’t do anyway, but it’s a great feeling to wake-up and think “which day is today?!”

Day 5

Today is your organizational day; Wake-up mid-morning so you feel rested but still have a lot of day left. Throw on comfy clothes and start off by relaxing, whatever that mean to you. Go for a run or hit the gym, do yoga, take the dog out for a long walk in the park or grab a book and coffee and go sit out on the porch. What gets you zen and pulls you away from the world? Don’t text, email or call anyone if it’s not essential. Now that you’ve gotten into prep mode, the day can begin! Start by planning your week with this guide, so you know what’s coming up. Make a shopping list for food and other items, create playlists for different elements of the week (driving, working out, lounging, cleaning). Pick things you want to get done this week to better yourself – maybe it’s time to get back on your vitamin regimen or whiten those teeth with white stripes. Clean your home top to bottom so your mind, body, soul and space are ready for the week! While Day 5 may not encompass a large amount of tasks, it’s also a great day to just easy into the mood!

Day 4

Get up early and get your heart and your mind pumping! Grab those pre-made shopping lists and walking shoes, it’s shopping day! First things first, hit the grocery store. Get everything you’re going to need so you don’t worry about it later. If you’re starting off your health kick, take the time to assess different foods and decide how you’re going to prepare them. Once food is safely stowed in the fridge, your next goal is to get what you need to prepare for your “event”. Going back to school? What’s more fun than school shopping! Grab a cart at Staples and get creative with your cash; if you’re headed for a big date  browse around a beauty supply store or Walgreens for the perfect gel, nail polish color, new razor, or maybe even a card if your lovey and you are celebrating a big one! No big day is complete without the proper attire, so make sure you’ve saved up cash to get your new dress code! Whether is a business meeting, vacation or just an excuse to take a few days off, hit the mall and have fun trying things on, matching accessories or even going to a thrift store for a different adventure! Today is the day you get everything you need! DLIH has composed a list of possible necessities that could fit any situation:

  • Breath mints
  • Chapstick or preferred gloss
  • Female or male “necessitates”
  • Lotion
  • A small mirror
  • Oil blotting sheets
  • Tissues
  • Hand Sanitizer

Day 3

Now it’s time to go through the mess you’ve made during Day 4! While some people might hate days like this, they can be cathartic and clear the head, put things into perspective. Take your new clothes, cut the tags off and leave them on your bed while you empty out the rest of your closet! Reorganize things, color code or organize my season; maybe between work and play? Add new hangers or potpourri to give your closet an extra something. For those so ambitious, include labels, totally change the look and feel of your closet. It’s great to go through things and breathe a fresh breath of life into them; be sure to donate the things you’re not putting back in. Go through makeup or bathroom drawers and do a real overhaul of your life, put everything in its new place. Go through your kitchen too, make everything have a home, not just a cabinet or a shelf. Taking the time to do this can reorganize your mind as much as it can the material objects that surround you. Put on music while you work, have a “you” day.

Day 2

This is the real prep day you’ve been working towards! It’s go time, today is the day you do everything you need to do before the big moment so you don’t have to worry about it tomorrow. Pack your bags, wrap your gifts, organize your desk. Pay any bills or deposit checks you might need. If you’ve got business to attend to such as phone calls, emails or work, take a few hours to get it out of the way. Haven’t gotten your school books yet? Now’s the time. Need to get rid of some old files and folders, we’re giving you the day to do it. Gas up the car, clean out your briefcase, write that last blog post! Anything you need to do, Day 2 is your work day.

Day 1

This is the last day of your prep cycle and it’s the best one! It’s your beauty day (or for you gentlemen out there, your grooming day!). Sleep in! Give yourself the real spa deal. If you’re a worker-outter make sure you get it in in the morning, first thing. Take a long hot shower, or even a bubble bath if you’re so inclined. Don’t deny yourself any last relaxation. Shampoo your hair twice, why not!? Ladies, treat yourself to a face mask (plenty of great at home mixes can be found online! as well as store-bought), manicure, pedicure and Guys, give yourself a real great shave, maybe a haircut or shape up. If you’re feeling really committed, get a massage! Throughout the entire day be sure to drink plenty and plenty of water. The constant water in your system is not only healthy but it’ll give you a rosy, awake and energetic look the next day with a comparable feeling! Eat great today, but eat healthy! You don’t want to jeopardize how great you’re feeling by weighing yourself down with greasy foods! Indulge! Watch movies, swing in a hammock, read a book, lay on the beach for an hour. Give yourself the last bit of confidence you need to wake up tomorrow looking and feeling phenomenal!

Now that day you’ve been waiting for is here! Wake up and go for it!