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Love is in the Air! June 27, 2015

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Love, love, love, love that logging into Doing Laundry in Heels this evening, which is powered by WordPress, I saw this amazing banner! I could not let it go unmentioned!

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 9.32.32 PM

Fill the world with love and joy everyone! 


As Simple as Sugar! June 20, 2014

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Anyone who has spent more than ten minutes with me knows that I have an enormous sweet tooth, probably more so than most other people on the planet. If there’s dessert, I’m there, but I recently found a product that is as sweet as sugar (literally!) but rather than making you breakout and plump up, it does something good for your body.

Not too long ago, I did a juice cleanse. What I learned through this process was to pay attention to what really goes into my body. It’s amazing how much your skin absorbs, more than you could ever be aware of. I began to read more and more articles about what makes a product natural or organic, what makes it good for you, and how it can benefit you. I made a lot of life changes after this cleanse, and one thing I definitely wanted to change was my skin care routine. No matter how good a product it, it’s full of chemicals. If you do the research, you find out that actually most things found in nature can do the same job as all those compounds on the shelves of Walgreens. I tried to concoct some of my own formulas for skin care, but there is a reality of life – time, money, energy, effort. Sometimes, those four magic factors don’t always work together. So, I tried a new route, finding something that was natural and healthy but also wasn’t going to crack any paychecks.

Then, it dawned on me (while running on the treadmill, at the gym…okay, okay, it was on the TV!) a Shark Tank product! As a big fan of the show, I’m always shouting “I want that!” but sometimes, forget to follow through. When I saw an update about Simple Sugars, I remembered how much I had wanted it so many months ago. Simple Sugars is a skin wash/exfoliant made up of natural smells, flavors, ingredients and, yes, sugar! Unlike sugar water, it doesn’t leave you feeling sticky and even more clogged, it really does work! If you want to read the ins and outs of Simple Sugars, their website is a great source, but rather than rattling on about the great benefits to skin, let’s chat about what a real life experience with Simple Sugars feels like.

The variety of body, foot, and face scrubs, plus the different smells, or “flavors”, makes it hard to choose which to start off with! Different ingredients have different properties so I went with Coffee for my face and Lavender for my body. I love how caffeine perks up my skin, and the smell wakes me up and comforts me, not to mention, I have used coffee grinds on my face before and love how smooth they leave it. I also love lavender for opposite reasons, it’s so soothing and relaxing and always leaves me feeling refreshed in a calm and rejuvenated way. Simple Sugars work on the skin, but they’re also fun! Mixing it each time (the oil and sugar separate), glopping some onto your skin and getting all soft and smooth as you wait for the sugar to “melt”, then you wash it off and,”aaaaahhh” so clean! The best part – the oil!

I hate any kind of oil on my skin, it makes me feel gross. I rarely use moisturizers because of this, I hate the residue they leave. Simple Sugars oil is different. After you pat dry, or get out of the shower, you instantly feel this silkiness. At first, it really feels like oil, but after a couple of minutes it soaks into your pores and it almost feels like a soothing medication; like when you have a bug bite and cortisone cream makes it stop itching. It’s an experience you have to feel for yourself. I feel like I am making my skin healthier.

The great part of this experience is how relatively inexpensive it is, I paid under $40 for both scrubs that will probably last me a couple of months. I’m excited to try all the different smells and happy healing properties of the different scents and ingredients! Most of all, I am so happy to have found something that is good for me and my skin, and I think is just fun to use, who doesn’t want a mini-at home spa?!

Get your own sweet tooth at SimpleSugars.com and check out this young entrepreneur’s story on Shark Tank! Support American businesses while being healthy and happy!

Happy scrubbing!

Intro To…Being a Crime Victim May 2, 2014

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Intro To…

What to do if you’re a victim of a crime?” the front of the pamphlet said. The police officer read off the different points to me.
“Nice”, I thought. “I’m someone who applies to the title of a pamphlet”.

I’ve had my stuff stolen three times. The first was my own stupidity and I deserved to learn the hard way. Lesson: do no set your bag down and walk away; near, far, or even take your eyes off it.

The second time was possibly the most traumatic. My cell phone and camera were swiftly whisked from me as I sat a mear 12 inches away from them, with Pascal at my side. So, what do you do when you realize your stuff is missing. First,  don’t jump to conclusions. Take a calm and thorough look around, empty your bag, check the floor, see if anyone around you saw anything. Next, talk to someone in charge – a bouncer,  a manager, a cop, a bartender, any staff.  See if someone turned it in. Next, call your phone (hopefully someone around you can call for you, don’t be embarrassed to ask a stranger). If it’s off, call your cell phone provider immediately, if it’s on, search for the ringtone or vibration. If you locate it, or someone answers, be calm. Explain that this is your phone, you would like it back, if they return it you will not press charges (they don’t know that you haven’t called the cops yet). Hopefully, you just misplaced it and the person who answers is ready to return it to you. If not, or if no one answers,  call your cellphone provider.  They will cancel the phone and instruct you on how to proceed/get a new phone. Always have A. Insurance on your device B. Your photos, contacts, etc. backup. The next step, file a police report and accept that it is gone. A police report is not going to get your phone back, they almost never find them, by if it is found on someone who is being arrested for another crime, their charges increase. Lesson: while not a pleasant experience,  a phone is an easy thing to replace.

The third time was the craziest and hardest to rectify: my wallet. I don’t know how, and I’m not sure where, we pinpointed when but the fact that -having my things stolen twice before – I am extra cautious about everything, I carry in my bag, I felt defeated and defenseless when it happened. First thing’s first, check everywhere! Make sure it didn’t just fall out of your bag, or you put it somewhere and forgot (and when I say everywhere, I mean even weird places like the fridge or your hamper). Next, check all your credit card statements, if there’s any activity whatsoever cancel them all asap. If there has yet to be a charge, back track, call the places you used it or had it last and see if someone found it. Next step, call the police see if anyone has turned it in. If the answer is still no, cancel your cards anyway. At this point, it’s probably laying on the ground somewhere, or in someone’s slimy hands. If you happen to find it, the worst case scenario is that you’ll have brand new card numbers. After everything is canceled, go to the station and file a police report.Lesson number 1: Cash, gift cards, business cards, mementoes, and your wallet itself, they’re gone. Yes, even if you had $100 dollars and $300 in gift cards, they’re gone, don’t worry about them and move on to the more important documents. The police are going to ask you to describe it, explain what happened, what was in it, try your best to be as accurate as possible. They’ll give you a police report to take with you. Don’t skip this step, you’ll find out why later. Call your state DMV and find out how to proceed. Your last issued license is the only one which is valid, so you need to get a new ID or license asap. If anything with your social happened to be in your wallet, you need to put a lock on your credit immediately. This will prevent anyone from applying for, or running your social without getting a password from you first. If you’re social wasn’t in there, it’s good to pay for credit monitoring for 6-12 months, just incase. Here’s a list of things you may have forgotten were in your wallet that you need to be mindful of: any keys – garage, home, safe deposit box, office; insurance card; membership cards – gym, frequent flier programs, points programs, library card; a flash drive or mini USB; jewelry you put there for safe keeping. They’re things you keep in there but have probably forgotten about. Sometimes retrieving or replacing these things will be easier with a police report i.e. I had to replace my safe deposit box lock and it was free because I had a report. Plus, if you ever track down the thief (from video or photo surveillance) you have the initial report. Lesson number 2: cancel – report; replace. 

Here’s the thing about your stuff getting stolen, you think it’s not a big deal and you play it off like that, but it is. You are a victim and that’s hard to accept sometimes. You were robbed; you were mugged; someone maliciously went after you. It’s okay to feel scared the days after and not trust anyone you don’t know. The days after I had my wallet stolen, it was incredibly hard for me to ride the train, even though it’s something I do everyday without thinking. It’s good to talk about it and accept that this bad thing happen to you, but it’s also healthy to move on and try to focus on the future. This wasn’t your fault (Unless you were #1 above) so you can’t learn from you mistakes, but you can apply it to the rest of your life and always ensure that your stuff is zipped up, put away, and accounted for.

– SK


America is Beautiful, and So Are We February 17, 2014

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For as long as I can remember, I have been American. I’ve lived here, grown up here, gone to school here. What makes America great is that it has so many people, from so many countries, and I am proud to be one of them. Little known SK fact, I wasn’t born here, and no, it wasn’t because my pregnant mother decided to go to Bora Bora when 9 months preggers. My entire family had to earn their citizenship, so other cultures, other languages, other types of people never fazed me. For as long as I can remember I’ve been American, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve been surrounded by people who are not.

This is a double-edged sword; Why? It’s such a uniqueness to be different, even if you are born here, your parents bring you up with traditions that are different, special, and something you embrace as a child into your adult life. It’s a warm nostalgia you can only share with people of your culture. It also makes you very open, and not as ignorant. You are used to having to adjust, do things different ways, speak different languages, so when you meet other’s who are different or need to make a change to assimilate, it’s not something that bothers you. However, being a little different also makes you just that, different. As if finding yourself in your twenties isn’t hard enough, some of us have this entire other side of our lives to take into account. Do we want to decorate our homes with some traditional objects? How will we raise our kids? Do we want adult friends who share our culture? How can we stay connected to who we are once we’re out from under our parents roof? Not to mention, the moment you meet someone who isn’t open to other cultures you take it personally, even though, as far as the eye can see, you’re as Yankee as they come.

Young adults who are multi-cultural also have problems they never thought they’d face – people want documentation of your birthplace, an explanation as to how you become a US citizen, your parents proof of residency if they travel home, and so on. All these things that many of our peers can’t relate to….how many people do you know who have their birth certification translated and notarized, and irreplaceable? It can be a very frustrating thing, as a kid, no one told you these are the things you’d have to battle. Sure, they told you life wouldn’t be easy; Sure, they warned you of all the things we all face; but no, they didn’t tell you someone would deny you health insurance because you don’t know your former green card number, from when you were a 2-year old. It’s a real slap in the face, feeling like you’re so American (or any culture, for that matter!) and being told that you’re kind-of, sorta, not really. “Well, this is the only national anthem I know, so, don’t tell me I don’t belong here!”

When life isn’t throwing you for a loop, sometimes other people are. For those of us who are multi-cultural, we all know the feeling of walking into a conversation of the most closed minded person in the world. They don’t know by the way you talk, dress, look, or behave that you might not be 100% born and bred American, so they don’t know they’re insulting you, but they do. What do you do? Do you take a stance? Do you keep your mouth shut? Do you silently wonder what method of torture they’d use on this person in the motherland? When I saw the Coca-Cola Superbowl commercial, I almost cried; it’s so meaningful to me that American is a land of many cultures, that embraces all types of people. The criticism of this commercial stung deep, it made me feel like my peers didn’t respect me, my parents, my family. People will tell you “oh, I don’t mean you!” but what they don’t understand is that is who you are, whether they like it or not.

From Youtube, Coca-Cola:

So…now that I’ve made is sound incredibly frustrating to not have great-great-great-great- grandparents who were born here, let me set your worries aside, it’s not. It’s great! It’s such a gift, and something that will always make me (or us!) a little bit special, a little bit different, a little bit more adventurous. It can be hard, but it gives us strength and perseverance. It can be frustrating, but this makes us wiser. It can make us enraged sometimes, but it also teaches us patience and reaffirms why we are who we are. It’s pretty much the best thing ever. While it may not always be easy to figure out how our culture fits in with our American lifestyle, or how we fit in with one group or another, but at least we always know who we are, and where we came from. When we see the commercials for Ancestry.com, we can smile, because we know who are ancestors are, and we know their story, and we can live it out in this new, modern world. So, if you’re like me, appreciate it and if you’re just a friend who is as American as they come, know that we don’t judge you, we just want you to get where we’re coming from, and be cool with it. If you’re nice, maybe we’ll say something in another language 😉

SK…”I DON’T GET IT!” July 28, 2013

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We all know about video blogging…well, looks like DLIH is tipping it’s high heeled toes into the lake of face to face online venting! (or, at least, that’s what I call it!) Welcome to the video blog of Doing Laundry in Heels: H-Blog! ….Heels Blog, of course!

H-Blog: SK…”I DON’T GET IT!”


Please comment and let me know what you thought and what you’d like to hear me H-Blog about!!!!

A Wall of Bloggers Against Cyber-Bullying June 28, 2013

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The internet has given life to many amazing things, and we like to think that DLIH is one of those amazing things. However, over the past several years, I’ve seen people use one of the greatest inventions of our time for evil rather than good.
We all know there are bad people out there, who do bad things, but what the web-o-sphere has done is make those actions so much easier. Saying something to someone’s face is one thing, typing it out and hitting enter is much easier. What does that tell us about these people? Well, for one, it tells us they’re weak, so for anyone out there who has been a target of internet evil, you’re better than those people. However, it also tells us that these people have a power, and that power is never going to be taken away from them, and that’s the sad part.

It’s not like DLIH to post politically charged articles of this nature, but after a few stabs of our own and witnessing other members of our online writer family take the heat for absolutely nothing, we feel that it’s important. Cyber-Bullying has become one of the most popular ways to torment people nowadays and that’s not okay. This is important.

There’s a beautiful thing about being on the internet. It allows you to open up a world to others, discover new things, make connections and gain valuable insight. There is another beautiful thing about it…do you know what that is? It is completely voluntary. No one forces you to use the interest, to read content, to post anything! So, what I fail to understand is why people insist on judging you, insulting you, and terrorizing you over something you may have said, when no one sat them down and forced them to read it?

troll-fighting-backThere are two kinds of backlash, the kind that’s deserved and the kind that’s not. Say, you stumble upon an acquaintance’s twitter and they’ve said something racist, something morally wrong, or something that deeply offends you. Yes, this is cause for comment, but be that intelligent person that’s commenting, not that guy at the bar who’s had one too many. Don’t freak out, don’t call them names, just tell them what they said is inappropriate and they’ve probably alienated many, many people. It’s okay to make it clear you’re angry, they deserve it but remember that sometimes what we type sounds one way to the author, but comes out another and we may not realize it’s coming off wrong until someone tells us. Give people a chance to say sorry.

Now, there’s the type of uncalled for commenting I’m going to tell you about here. About two years ago, a group of my writer family was being targeted by another online blogger. She terrorized their blogs, their twitters, their Facebooks, her comments were outrageous and hurtful and they could do nothing to stop her until finally, one by one, they blocked her IP address and any and all comments. Her problem wasn’t with them, it was with their writing…she didn’t agree with their opinions so she felt it was okay to rip them to shreds and comment on their characters and them personally, despite having never met any of them. She picked apart their physical appearances, their intelligence, called them names and posted about them on the internet. It was the oddest thing to all of us, how some middle aged woman somewhere cared so much that’d she go so far. That’s just one crazy story. They are all around, and people like this, what they’re doing isn’t right.

So, as a website owner, and I’m sure Pascal will agree with me, I want to put out a message to anyone who reads this site. We appreciate every single person who comes by, who reads us, and who wants to contribute their opinion. We know that there are things we believe in, that you may not, we don’t judge anyone and if you want to be here, as part of DLIH, we hope you won’t judge us either. We love our readers, even the one’s that don’t always agree with us! Feel free to post your thoughts and your comments but if you have something mean to say, keep it to yourself. We will not get into a verbal altercation with anyone, we will not accept your negative or offensive comments, and we sure won’t allow you to put our characters or moral values into question. So please, if you don’t like what we have to say, clear your cache, stop following us on twitter, block our website, or just don’t stop by. The beautiful thing about a website, is that you never have to see it again, if you so chose.

And to anyone who’s faced criticism and unnecessary aggression, just remember how much cooler you are than those people. You’re always welcome in our house, dirty laundry and all! Don’t let people who do wrong things get away with them, be strong and stand-up for yourself and for others. After all, you’re challenging people who are so far below your level or moral standards that, in truth, it’s no challenge at all.

For You, By You: The Bucket List January 7, 2013

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Over New Years, we make a lot of resolutions; things we want to achieve, ways we’d like to better ourselves, bad habits we should drop. Everyone has their own traditions about how they want to achieve them, some people make lists they put up on their walls, others keep a mental record, many do them religiously for a week or two and then magically forget they existed (sound familiar?). Well at DLIH, there’s a lot more to making resolutions, New Years or otherwise, then just hanging in there and doing them.reaching-star

We’re constantly working on building a community that encourages and supports one another. What many of you don’t know is that some of your favorite articles and posts were inspired or suggested by other readers. Sure, the words are ours but the situations or problems are someone else’s reality. Whether you know it or not, the other people who read DLIH are your friends.

So we set out to create a post written for you, by you! Now that we’re starting off 2013, we want to start it off by inspiring. We are reminded everyday, in the unfortunate tragedies around us, that life is just too short to not shoot for the stars. Whether some of these are already on your bucket list, way out of your wavelength or things you never thought of, let this list, compiled by all our friends and readers be an inspiration to you. If you don’t have a bucket list, start one. You don’t even need to call it a bucket list, it can just be a list of things you want to achieve. If you don’t like lists, don’t make one, just pick one thing and work on it, once you achieve it pick a brand new, totally different goal to work on. They make you grow as a human, as a friend. Goals can be the littlest thing, from making sure you wash your dishes everyday, to something grand, like climbing a mountain or visiting a foreign country. Do what’s best for you, do what excites you and while you’re on the path, try to do something that will inspire others as well.

So here it is! The 50 things YOU want to do! Thank you all for being part of this great project!

  1. Run a 5K
  2. Learn how to fly a plane
  3. Go skydiving
  4. Be a mentor
  5. Climb a mountain
  6. Go blonde, at least once
  7. See the temples of Petra
  8. Name a star
  9. See the aurora borealis
  10. Tell my life story
  11. Visit all seven continents
  12. Learn Chinese
  13. Re-learn how to play the piano
  14. Race a sports car
  15. Vacation in Bora-Bora
  16. See the Hollywood sign, in person
  17. Open and run a bar
  18. Go to the opening ceremony of the Olympics
  19. Be a mom
  20. Visit Japan and Korea
  21. Play a game with a semi-pro baseball team
  22. Go zip lining in the rainforest
  23. Be in the studio audience of a popular TV show
  24. Be part of a Habitat for Humanity project
  25. Cross the desert
  26. Earn a master’s degree
  27. Visit Ireland
  28. Live in New York City
  29. Buy a property along the French Rivera
  30. Drive an Aston Martin
  31. Adopt a pet
  32. Make the lives of those around me better, anyway I can
  33. Live in Italy
  34. Affect a stranger in a life changing way
  35. Learn how to surf
  36. Write a book
  37. Take voice lessons
  38. Own my own apartment/house
  39. Learn Italian
  40. Have a picnic in Central Park
  41. Swim in the Dead Sea
  42. Take cooking lessons
  43. See the world living in hotels
  44. Drive to my childhood hometown
  45. Be on Broadway
  46. Ski in the Swiss alps
  47. Be in a flash mob
  48. Live in L.A.
  49. Go on a safari
  50. Fall in love

DLIH Walks for a Cause! WALK MS 2012! April 18, 2012

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On Sunday, April 15th, 2012 SK and Pascal woke up much earlier than anyone who’d been out drinking the night before ever should to make their way to Liberty State Park, NJ for WALK MS 2012. While the gathering may have been quite an ordeal to get to, the beauty of the park and all the people walking for a cause shadowed the long and confusing journey. DLIH was happy to be part of an amazing event that showcased what you can do if you really try and how unity can truly change the world.

Together we raised $1,278 dollars, a goal none of us had set and an achievement none of us expected! We were all more than thrilled to see our final number, for a group of five over $1,200 was a pretty big deal! We decorated our shirts in dedication to our friends and family who suffer from MS and walked in their honor! We hope our walk has inspired you to do one of your own or donate to a cause you feel passionate about!

There are times in life you may feel you can’t, don’t or just won’t matter enough to make a difference, but if every 5 people in the world raised twelve hundred dollars for a cause, we’d be a world with a lot less ill and a lot more freedom!

Thanks for joining us in our journey! We appreciate your support and thank anyone who donated!

Team Roz aka Team DLIH!

Multiple Sclerosis – Walking For a Cure April 3, 2012

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For most people, a walk down the street is an everyday, average thing.You hear the birds, smell the fresh air and take in the sights. You see all sorts of people, all sorts of nationalities and genders, ages and races. A walk can be a great thing but for many people in world, it’s no longer an everyday or average thing. Multiple Sclerosis affects over 400,000 people in the United States alone. Many people who have MS don’t even have visible symptoms yet or are on medication to prevent the early onset of these life altering changes. However, people with MS are great people, they’re just like you or I and they deserve to be just as happy and free as you or I. Walk MS 2012 is one step towards the day that everyone can go out for a stroll and not have to think twice. 

Pascal and SK are working to raise money not only for a cure, but for the MS Society who has programs that help those living with MS today. It’s a great cause and your contributions will help not only our team but a neighbor, a friend, a college, a family member or even someone you may have never met. Read the full article about WALK MS 2012 Team DLIH and learn more about what Multiple Sclerosis is.

To donate please follow this link, even $5 will help. Thank you!

DLIH is Walking for a Cause!: WALK MS 2012 March 6, 2012

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Team DLIH...a little off their rockers

Clearly…we’re a little crazy, but that doesn’t discount the fact that DLIH is all for causes. In the past we’ve told you about our ongoing support for Marriage Equality’s White Knot, AnySoldier and others but now we’re on a brand new track, one that touches both Pascal and SK on a personal and important level. The crazy kids of DLIH are participating in WALK MS 2012 on April 15th, 2012. While MS is a popularly mentioned diseases, few people actually know what it is until they meet someone who has it. Our goal is to live in a world where no one will have MS, and while finding the cure may still be years away, supporting those who do live with it and funding ongoing research is goal number one.

MS, Multiple Sclerosis, isn’t something most people know they have and symptoms can start at almost any point in someone’s adult life. It’s an autoimmune disease caused due to damaged nerves; once these nerves become damaged they slow down and eventually stop functioning. Living with Multiple Sclerosis means you may wake up one morning and not be able to walk, your vision may be blurry or you may suddenly forget things for no reason at all. These are just a few of the devastating affects MS can have on someone’s life and their family.In the United States alone there are 400,000 people affected by MS, estimated 2,500,000 in the world. For a dieases few people know, it sure touches the lives of a lot.

Walking to make a difference isn’t simply to raise money for a cure, it’s also to support programs administered by the Multiple Sclerosis society to aide those living with MS and battling everyday. Every dollar helps someone, today we ask you to join us in our journey by sponsoring our efforts. Please visit our team page and donate to our goal! No amount is too small! We welcome all to join the fight by walking too! Details about walking or joining our team can be found at the address below.

DLIH’s participation in Walk MS 2012 goes far beyond their friends and family members who have MS and we ask you to support us in our journey to raise money and create a world where no one needs to hear the words “You have MS”.

We thank you for your support, encouragement and donations!

To contribute to our goal and for more information on Walk MS 2012 click here