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Older People Are Happier! January 21, 2015

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iPhones, tablets, TV’s in our headrests. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest. Poking, liking, friending, clicking, texting, editing, posting. We are a generation of people who don’t know what  it means to be without technology, very few of us even remember cassette tapes, those of us who ever owned a record player feel fortunate, and we remembered fondly back to the days when a phone and a musical listening devices had zero to do with each other. It’s not that we’re spoiled, it’s just that sometimes we take everything we have in 2015 for granted. Let’s listen to this “old person” to remember where we came from and how lucky we are to have the world at our finger tips!

Follow the link to hear how we can be happier people in a funny, constructive and insightful way!

How to Live a Happy Life – By Louis CK 

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Making Life Choices…and Facing Hilarious Realities January 8, 2015

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Check out this great post about the Catch-22’s of being in your twenties! Grab a glass of wine, and laugh your bad day away – The 20 Catch-22s Of Being In Your 20’s, by Lauren Martin at the Elite Daily.

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Things Your Little Sister Won’t Understand August 23, 2014

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The GoodGuys File

When I was about twenty, I would run into a lot of jaded women who had nothing nice to say about men or relationships. “Oh, all that romantic stuff, that’ll end”, or “Ha!, you can never trust a man!” It always bothered me, I felt like, as someone who was younger, you would want to encourage me and teach me and allow me to grow, not just shoot me down and tell me to lower my expectations of relationships. I also didn’t believe what they told me, sure not every relationship is perfect, and sure some people have had bad experiences, but what about those couples celebrating their 40th year wedding anniversary, or that family with three under three and they are still so in love – it doesn’t have to turn bad and boring. However, now that I am the same age as those women, I also laugh at my former self. There is a very distinct line between thinking the world will be a perfect beautiful place, and then the truth of being in a relationship. I recently stumbled upon this gem – “24 Real Facts of Actual Couples…” I sat down and read it with some of my gal pals, also in relationships, and not only did we have a good, solid laugh, but we also almost threw up all over the place. This article was put together by someone who A. probably isn’t in a longterm real relationship or B. Doesn’t know what one is. So, we decided to combat this article and give you the actual REAL version of these 24 REAL couples. (more…)

Things New Yorkers Dream Of August 9, 2014

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You may have noticed it’s been a little while since anything new has surfaced at DLIH; if you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll also remember that almost this time last year DLIH made it’s long and exciting move from the bustling city of New York to Chicago. When you get older, your desires for how you want to exist change, you make choices about where you want to live and how you want to structure your life. Your age changes, and so does your quality of life. Chicago was a quality of life move, and while New York is still the most bad-ass, capital of the entire universe, moving can give the opportunities that are sometimes impossible elsewhere. So, if you’re wondering why DLIH has been a little more silent than usual…well, you could say that SK has been spending a little bit of time enjoying the things she always dreamed of.
Running through your apartment…and not hitting any walls. Moving is relentless, it always finds a way to go wrong, or take forever, or cost you your soul. Living in New York, there are generally three main things you need to take into account; distance to public transportation, rent, and how shady the neighborhood might be. Size, really isn’t an objective since size and rent are proportionate to one another. You get what you get, and you don’t get upset, and you hang lots of shelves and make lots of storage units to house all the things you just don’t have room for. Until you get a place that lets you chase your cat all over the place without hitting a wall, or tripping over a shoe, and has a kitchen you can actually cook Thanksgiving in, and not just try to.

Trying to figure out what to do with you empty closest, and by closets, we don’t mean spare bedrooms. Actual closets. That are empty. And you actually don’t have stuff to put in them. And you wonder what you would possibly even buy to put in them. Staying with that theme – kitchen cupboards that needs more of the “cup” part and less of the “board”.

Doing your own laundry, in your own washer and dryer, in your own apartment, and it’s free. You don’t need to climb flights of stairs, you don’t need to run back to make sure no one steals your unmentionables, you don’t need to go to the nearest convenience store to get change for a dollar and you don’t need to lug it all back home. It’s just there! You can wash one thing, you can wash fifty!

grocery530Driving in a car you own! For people who are not from New York, let me educate you, many teenagers who are raised in Manhattan don’t learn to drive, and those who do, rarely actually exercise that talent. You don’t need to because public transit will get you anywhere, and with the traffic and aggressiveness of driving, you don’t really want to. Second point, owning a car in the city is dirty expensive – between parking, the nicks and dings, and I would assume city taxes alone, it’s not at all profitable – plus gas, not just paying for it, but having to find it. Let me tell you – the first time you drive your own car, to the grocery store, and get everything you need, and put it in the trunk, and then simply carry it back to your fridge, your head will explode with joy. [insert head exploding sound here]

So, it’s been an amazing couple of weeks outside of the DLIH world, but fear not loyal readers – we’re still here, with just a little more space to work with 🙂


Remember When – You Didn’t Worry About THESE Things? July 5, 2014

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Remember when you didn’t think about these things…and now, they’re part of your conscious thought processes? Sorry, twenty-somethings, life is only going to get harder from here on in, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. First step to enjoyment? Laughter. Grab a glass of wine, and join our club of self-pity and “Oh my gosh! I do that!” moments.
Here are the “Remember When You Didn’t Worry About…”‘s

Remember when you didn’t worry about…
Who to invite? As you get older, you meet more people, some you like, some you don’t, some you used to like and now you don’t. Likewise, the older you get, the more events you encounter – job promotions, engagements, weddings, anniversaries. When you were seven, and it was your birthday, all your cousins and neighbors and classmates came, now, it’s a russian roulette of who you don’t invite. Stacey is a serious gossip and a backstabber, so you don’t want her to be part of your event, but then she’ll be the only person in your office you’re not inviting to your wedding. You haven’t seen Uncle John in nine years, and no one in your family likes him, but your cousin is the one who got you you’re new job, so, now you’re just going to spend the entire party worry about him not insulting one of your friends. Worst of all…the events that you get invited to. “Did they invite me because they want me to come, or because it was the right thing to do? Do I want to go? And if I don’t, is that rude? Should I feel bad? If I go, how much money will this cost me? Will I know anyone there?”…so many questions. What happened to the simplicity of Chuck E Cheese?

Your weight. AND stamina…AND skin…AND complexion…AND heartburn? So gross! When we were sixteen, and nineteen, and twenty-one, we could stay up all night doing shots, wake up the next morning at nine, pop a Gatorade and some doughnuts and be in class or at work, looking, more or less, normal. Now, two glasses of wine put you out for 24 hours, not eating a solid breakfast puts you at the top of the stairs out of breath, things like “skin care creams” and “anti-aging serums” are now things you are considering buying, and when you see commercials for Prilosec or Tums you wonder “eh, I should pick some up next time I’m buying nail polish remover”. What happened?! You’re only 28 and these are things you’re dealing with. Defeated by age, aren’t we still supposed to be considered young?!

Retirement. Not to say it feels any closer than it did five years ago, but not thinking about it is no longer an option. Your HR department hands you a 401K form, or your father insists you open your Roth IRA next time he’s in town, or your banker starts asking you questions about loans, mortgage plans, and how all these will affect your life after your career. You’re still figuring out how to pay off your student loans without having to live in a an apartment the size of a closet. Thinking about retirement is super depressing when you haven’t even gotten knee-deep in your career, or you’re still figuring out which direction you want to go in…but everyone wants to know what you plan to do for money when you’re 65. “How about, what am I planning to do for money next month?”

1349831763184_6087440….About how old child stars were? When we were kids, we loved seeing Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a strapping teenager, or the kids of Dawson’s Creek growing up, and making movies. Dakota Fanning is twenty. Yup, she is twenty. Have a big gulp of wine…if you didn’t feel old yet, you do now, right? Oh, by the way, JTT is 32. You’re welcome.

Which school district is good? Even though you’re still un-hitched, and you’re years away from having babies, the idea of purchasing a property seems possible in the near future, and makes you feel like you’re moving up in the food chain. So, while you’re checking out different suburbs (and wondering WHY the HELL you’re on Zillow & Google Earth looking at houses) you’re also skimming the net for the best school districts in the area. Sad, but true, even before you have bundles of joy in diapers, you’re thinking about where you’re going to send them to school. Children, taking over the world, one psychotic break at a time.

Taking care of your parents. No matter how young they are, or you are, you worry about what will happen when they need you. Can you afford an emergency plane ticket to go help them? When they move to a new neighborhood, or a new house, will they be lonely? Do they miss you being around? Who are their friends and what are their intentions? Does their boss respect them? Life was a lot easier when they embarrassed you at the mall in front of the “cool kids” and you pretended you didn’t know them. Now you care… a lot.

What time the live music at the bar will start? When you were twenty-one, you were at the front of the crowd, speakers blowing out your ear drums, holding your fourth, or fifth, drink of the night with your arms around total strangers singing songs you’ve never heard before together and secretly imaging the lead singer asking you out. Now, 9pm rolls around,you see the amps and you ask your waitress what time the band will go on so you can be sure to tab out before then. You’ve got a new episode of the Bachelorette waiting for you on your DVR and a group of girls wearing shirts as dresses just walked in. As you walk out, you don’t realize you still have the same shirt/dress in blue stuck at the back of your closet. Oops.

Things like a lazy susan. I bet when you were searching for your first place your list was pretty minimal – working heat, space for a full size bed, a bathroom that doesn’t attract rats, and a kitchen that could pass for something bigger than a hotel room hot plate. Your latest apartment search included something more along the lines of – central air, washer and dryer in unit, storage closet, a kitchen with a window above the sink, a mud room or something that could be used for one, and a lazy susan cabinet. And somehow, these were all non-negotiable. Mr. & Mrs. Picky Pants…or, are we just old and refusing to live in the same building as a frat. Hm, the later.

d383cf36.jpg.505x650_q85Looking, sounding and having opinions just like your parents. The first time you say or do something and realize that is exactly how your mom sounded, or your dad acted and you’re paralyzed by sheer horror at the event. It’s not that it’s actually so awful, it’s more like when you walk into a room where someone in naked, you’re more shocked and confused then you are sure of what just happened.

We used to think that getting older, feeling older, or worrying about being older was something bad, but, to be honest, when you look at twenty-two year olds now, aren’t you relieved you aren’t THAT anymore? Someone once said,”Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.” When you think of it in those terms, all those things listed above are an amazing and comical thing that we are all lucky to have as part of our lives. Getting older is like good wine, the olda’ the betta’!

SK: On Being a Grown-Up March 8, 2014

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Here you are, 20-something, you’ve got your life together or just about and for the first time, in a long time, everything is going relatively smoothly. You’ve adjusted to the bumps in the road, and you’ve found the coping techniques to manage your work/life balance, so now you’re just waiting for the next big thing.

…and then you have a day like this.

The frying pan filled with eggs fell; the check engine light in your car won’t turn off; someone stole your debit card and drained you bank account; you just locked yourself out of your apartment, and your cell phone is inside. And you think, “What the $#@*! I THOUGHT I WAS PASSED ALL THIS!?” When it rains, it pours, and you also spill your coffee all over your new boss.

Your favorite – SK Story Time: I got my license at 18, while I wouldn’t say I am the most experienced driver, having lived without a car off and on, I also would say I’m a really good driver with good instincts and have driven my fair share of roads, interstates, and highways. So, when you know how to do something, and you’ve been doing it for years, nothing is going to make you feel like less on an independent women like all of it falling apart in one day. First, the headlights weren’t working right, when they said they were on, they seemed to be my high beams, when I switched them to high beams, another symbol on the dash I’ve never seen before came on. Then, there was no USB charger in the car, and my phone was on the verge of technology suicide, without my GoogleMaps, I’ll have no idea how to get home. Then, it seemed like every single car on the road was about to propel themselves into my trunk, despite the fact that I was going 70 on an interstate. Finally, time to get gas, and I tell you I looked everywhere and all over for the gas cap release, there was a line of cars behind me, probably looking at me like I was a total idiot. When I finally figured it out, the pump wasn’t working, the gas would not flow, and when did it decide to work? right as I began to pull it out to reset the whole thing, resulting in gas all over my feet and all over my car, and embarrassment, all over my face. So, if the day wasn’t over yet, I had to find parking, and with the help of total strangers who were being total idiots, I got gridlocked in an alley I’ve never driven down before because they came head on, and from behind. Needless to say, by the end of the day I was super upset, and then upset for being upset.Gasoline Shortage Baltimore & Maryland. 15 June 1979. Pat Sullivan, Frustrated

As an adult you feel like you can handle situations, and if you can’t, you feel like you should have the know-how to figure out how to handle them. So, when you can’t, or you don’t, it’s defeating and it’s embarrassing, mostly to you. You’ve already conquered so much and then something as simple as a day out with the car turns you into a fifteen year-old who doesn’t know the first thing about how the world functions. It’s frustrating. I think we can all infer that by the time I got home, I not only, needed a few minutes alone but I also had a good cry. Plus, my suede boots smelled like gasoline. So, that’s awesome.

What I learned from this experience? Two things, the first being that it’s still okay to have a bad day, it’s still okay to need help, and it’s still okay to learn new things. I’d never had the gas pump not work before, I later learned that it’s actually quite common, just not something I had ever experienced. It’s okay to not be equipped to take on Superman’s job by the time you’re twenty-four or twenty-eight. As long as you’re okay with not always being okay, then you’ll do just fine. The second thing I learned, when we’re at the tipping point, between having everything we wanted before thirty, but also not quite being out of the “twenties” clear yet, we like to resort to our former coping strategies. Getting home and needing a minute was the right thing to do. Ugh, cursing at the gas cap and banging my head against the headrest when the lights didn’t work probably isn’t as mature as I’d like to believe I am.

In short, not every day is going to be a good day. The choice is to deal with it as best as possible. If you feel like you’re a grown-up human being with your life together, then make the conscious choice to act like one. There is nothing wrong with regretting your mistakes, as long as you learn something from them.

Here’s a Resolution For Ya! January 5, 2014

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In light of the New Year, everyone is out there posting about resolutions, promises to themselves, and the efforts to be “an overall, better you!”. I don’t know about you, but I spent the better part of New Year’s day on the couch, watching sports and drinking Gatorade and soup. Not that resolutions aren’t important, and not that starting the year off on a positive foot isn’t good, but let’s take a minute to let the hangover die down, and celebrate the first (or last) weekend we’re going to be slobs before 2014 actually starts, on Monday.

We present to you, a whole lotta’ nothin’ to make your mood happy, your spirits bright, and your giggles tickled. There is nothing healthier than a good laugh, so here’s to starting off 2014 on the right foot, even if you’re not getting up off the couch 🙂













…and in conclusion,


What to Expect…When You’re NOT Expecting August 2, 2013

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While may of us are still miles and miles, if not light-years away from bouncing bundles of joy taking over our lives, there’s no denying that many of our friends have passed this stage and are investing in their futures by passing on the family name to a cute, squishy, human we call “a baby”. There are those of us who squeal at the sight of a rugrat and ask if we can hold him or her, change them, help with anything at all, while others see a baby and freeze up, the thought of asking them to “hold him for a second” is replied with a long stare, as if to say “You want me to do what with who for how long?”. Regardless of how you feel about babies the one thing we can all agree on is that we’re elated and excited for our friends once we hear that they’re expecting! As someone who doesn’t have children, or any nieces or nephews, it can be hard to know what to do or buy or even how to act in a store for little ones. Entering means you’ll be bombarded with crying and screeching; mom’s ooooing! and awwwwing!; and lots of things you really don’t want to think about…like nipple cream (run!!!). So how do you create the perfect baby shower gifts without passing out in a dizzy of pacifiers and pampers?…slowly and steadily, that’s how.
what-to-expect09For some reason, if you’re not ready to have a kid, the thought of shopping for one brings on a panic attack. Walking into Babies “R” Us is like stepping off the edge of a cliff: you pretty much know what to expect but your denying that anything bad will happen. The worst part is when a salesperson asks “Can I help you find something?” suddenly your mind goes to a dark, dark place,Does she think I have a kid?! Do I look like I could have a child? Oh my God, I look old enough to have a child! Wait, why would I need her help if I had a child? OH DEAR, WHAT IS THAT OVER THERE AND WHERE DO YOU PUT IT?! Focus, she’s staring at you!

…now, if you say “Yes, I’m shopping for a baby shower” they might start asking you questions like the gender of the baby, how far along the mom is, if they prefer organic products, many things you might not know the answer to. If you chose to say no and forgo assistance, you’re left on your own to wander and hope you don’t look like a nut. So, breathe. There is nothing wrong with being in a baby store if you don’t have one..of those..baby things. People have baby showers everyday and asking for help is totally normally, it’s no different from any other store. However, if you really don’t want help, think about the common items someone might need and look for those – pacifiers, diapers, onezies, snuggle blankets, etc. If you get to those and there are just too many weird options to choose from, let it go and get them a really great gift certificate.

Now…here is where some bizarro phenomena happens. You’re in the store, you’ve only panicked five or six times and you’ve gotten past the fact that you think everyone is starring, and then, you see the cutest dog stuffed animal, and the funniest little outfit, and the tiniest pair of socks, and the most colorful baby bottles and before you know if you’re at the cash register and you’ve totally $88.45. So much for not liking the whole baby think, yeh? Well, it’s normal. It’s normal because you’re excited for your friends and you want to give them things that you know they’ll like, but it’s also normal because baby stuff is cute, it’s like grown up stuff but really, really tiny (…I mean, have you seen baby shoes?!). It’s easy to get carried away, especially if you don’t know what they really need or want, you just end up getting them everything. A few points of guidence…if people are having a formal baby shower they probably have a registry. Feel free to ask, or check the invitation for the stores. Someone who works there can help you locate it. If they don’t have a registry, assess how close you are, if you’re best buds, maybe the $80 splurge will be well worth your money, it’s for a great reason! If you’re just friends, pick a few items and put them back on the shelves, it’s always the thought that counts and if you don’t have children, they’ll definitely appreciate you going the extra mile in an area you know nothing about. Get them a nice card, pretty wrapping and trim that purchase down to $30-$40 bucks. You can always buy him or her more fun stuff once their born!

So take a deep, deep breath, this is not the end of the world. Just like a little guy, or gal, the first few steps are always the hardest. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a walking, talking, baby-shopping pro in no time!

SK…”I DON’T GET IT!” July 28, 2013

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We all know about video blogging…well, looks like DLIH is tipping it’s high heeled toes into the lake of face to face online venting! (or, at least, that’s what I call it!) Welcome to the video blog of Doing Laundry in Heels: H-Blog! ….Heels Blog, of course!

H-Blog: SK…”I DON’T GET IT!”


Please comment and let me know what you thought and what you’d like to hear me H-Blog about!!!!

Worst Dating Advice…Ever June 23, 2013

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The GoodGuys File

I have a girlfriend who is single. She’s fun, loves sports, pretty, smart, really nice and worldly and the best part is that I have never once heard her say anything about being single, alone or wanting a boyfriend. I like to believe that it’s her outlook on the world that makes her this way, “Here I am, here is my life, I’m going to enjoy it.” Don’t get me wrong, anyone who’s single sometimes has that lingering thought about wanting someone to cuddle with…but don’t you ever get tired of your friends who just won’t let it go?!

People go bonkers when they’re trying to meet someone, it almost makes me not want to hang out with them sometimes and the worst part is, that they get the worst dating advice from everyone and the kitchen sink. Sometimes, when I’m sitting with ladies over cocktails, or even some of my best guy friends, I wonder about throwing my filter out the window entirely and telling them exactly why they’re single and it’s not only because they’re trying too hard.

You’ve got to get out there and meet people – I remember when people used to say this to me. Question – where am I going? Question – how should I get there? Question – how do you know that’s where one “meets” “people”. What does that even mean? First off, you shouldn’t be going out to meet people, you should be going out to have fun, eat, go bowling. Secondly, everyone meets their someone in different places, there is no place whose sign reads “Meet People Here”. Sure, many interpret this as joining a club, group, or simply getting out of the house, but if you’re living your life for enjoyment then you should be doing that anyway!

Never leave the house looking bad – So, there are two misconceptions happening here. #1, that if I leave the house without makeup I am automatically wearing three-week old sweat pants, uggs, and the reminisce of Lays in my hair. You know, people can leave the house in lounge wear and not look disheveled. There’s been many times I’ve gone to the corner store for milk, hiding my pjs under my coat and yes, there’s the cutest guy ever! Oh well. That’s life. On the other side of the fence, I’ve met plenty of people after dance class or doing yard work and it worked out just fine. Misconception #2, that once you’re in a relationship makeup, heels, and a great bra aren’t worth your while. Now that I’ve got a man, I don’t want to be attracting others, and he already knows what I look like at my worst. You shouldn’t be dressing like every night is a banquet but your daily look/going out shouldn’t change. Are we now changing for our partner?

There are a million fish in the sea – that’s SO comforting! Also, I love fishing. Silence, long wait times, a sturdy wooden stick with a string. Just like dating. I never got that statement, if you had a million guys lined up don’t you think you’d feel overwhelmed much more than excited?

The point isn’t that these are the worst dating tips ever, it’s that everyone has a say, everyone has something to contribute to your dating world. He should have called, he shouldn’t have called, that was a bad date idea, it was a great date idea, etc., etc. Like little children, we feed into it. There are also those people who are ultra-liberal and tell you to throw out all the dating rules altogether. Do we need “rules”? No. But we do need a way about doing things that make them socially acceptable. It really irks me when women refuse to let a guy pay because they see it as a rule, and they want to break it. Whether you’re following guidelines like Ikea instructions or making a bonfire out of them, you’re putting way to much thought into something that should be simple. Let things happen on their own, stop playing dating like a board game – there’s no strategy!

Throughout your life, you’re going to be bombarded with so much advice, but the reality is that there’s no map or plan for you and maybe that seems depressing, but it also lifts a huge weight. People who start to calculate become anxious, sabotage their dates, or just become resentful or fall into denial. The only kind of person anyone wants to date is a happy, fun, relaxed person. I’m guessing the running advice Rolodex in your head isn’t really contributing to that personality, is it?

…and if I couldn’t say it well enough, there’sthis phenomenal woman! Took the words right out of my mouth! (the necklace part was my favorite). Piper Weiss on Worst Dating Advice