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Intro To…The Super Bowl Party January 29, 2013

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Intro To…

Super Bowl Sunday, this year, will be on February 3rd.  32 teams tried, and 30 teams failed, to get to this last game of the season. After a 93 regular game season, we’re left with the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, both damn good teams and we should be in for a treat. For many, Super Bowl is an annual tradition but if you’re not really sure how to conduct yourself at a Super Bowl party, I have a few tips for you.

LeonardGoSports-590x442Don’t ever stand in front of the TV.  Ever.  If you have to walk in front of it to get somewhere, hasten your pace and try to position yourself in an uncomfortable, Quasimodo-esque, hunched position to show that the last thing you want to do is make people miss the commercial.  Keep in mind, I say commercial because if you try to walk in front of the screen when the game is on, you’re liable to get shot.

Speaking of commercials, if you somehow don’t already know, the Super Bowl is as much for the game as it is for the advertising.  This year, the average cost for a 30-second commercial slot went for $4 Million.  Compare this to $1 Million for an Olympics slot, $500k for the same slot on Sunday Night Football and $142k overall on average.  It was here that all the best commercials of the last 20 years have been debuted.  Remember the “Bud”-“Weise”-“Errrr” frogs?  Super Bowl.  Tiny-Vader uses the force to start dad’s car?  Super Bowl.  1984 styled Apple Computer commercial?  Super Bowl.  So, don’t go out of your way trying to see them all, but it’s ok to sit and watch, they can be pretty good.

Now, you’re there to watch the game, of course, so the best way to do this is by rooting for one of the teams.  It doesn’t matter how you choose who to root for.  You can root for the team everyone is going for, or the one nobody is going for.  Pick the uniform you like the most, but by picking a team you will find yourself more engrossed in the game.  It will also get you interacting with everyone else.  You can rib the other team’s fans and celebrate with yours.

Bring something to the party.  Generally, a 6-pack will suffice, but everyone loves when the one guy with the amazing guac shows up.  If you have a great recipe for a casserole, or artichoke dip, this is an ideal time to bring it out.  One year, my buddy’s girlfriend brought peanut butter brownies…I need to find out where she is these days.

Most importantly, though, is pace yourself.  Some parties start around noon but the game doesn’t even start until 6:30.  If you start taking shots at 1:30 you might find yourself under the table and dreaming by kickoff.  Try to stick to beer, if you can, and spread your drinks out with water/juice/food.  It always sucks when you don’t even remember what happened in the game, so stay classy, San Diego, and remember that you have work the next day.

Lastly, If your team wins the big game and you end up at the celebration parade, don’t be this chick…

– Pascal



Intro To…Your First Basketball Game November 30, 2012

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Intro To…

It’s that time of year again. That’s right, it’s hockey season. Unfortunately for us, they’re stuck in a seemingly endless lockout that is forcing us to look elsewhere for our sporting entertainment. If you’re a football or college football fan then you’ve got Sundays…and Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays covered, but what about Tuesday? You watch a couple of basketball games, finding yourself intrigued by how effortlessly they fly through the air. All of a sudden, you’re going in on some tickets with some co-workers. Now what? Hell, you don’t even know how long a quarter is…hold on how many quarters are there even in a game!!! (haha, just kidding, there’s 5…wait…?)

Let’s start off with the basics. There are four 12 minute quarters in regulation, plus infinite 5-minute over-time quarters until one ends with a winner. Points are scored in 3 ways: free throws, 3-pointers and 2-pointers. There are large semi-circles at either end of the court. Any shot made inside of the circle is worth 2 points, any made outside is worth 3. When a foul is committed while the offensive player is in the act of shooting, or after the foul committing team has 4 fouls in the quarter, the player is given 1, 2 or 3 free throws worth 1 point each.nba-official-ball

There are 5 players on the floor for each team: Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward and Center. These players are usually shortest at Point Guard and tallest at Center. The Point Guard is usually the one who handles the ball when running down the court. It’s important to follow the ball, but at the same time you must try to see what everyone else is doing. You have to try and anticipate the action. You do this by not fully focusing on the player with the ball, but trying to broaden your focus to include the whole team. Sometimes, though, when a guy like Kevin Durant or Carmelo Anthony has the ball, you’re probably better off just keeping your eyes on him. You can figure out who these special guys are by how often their teammates pass them the ball.

You should also do a little research into who you’re seeing before you go. The game will be much more fun if you have a team to root for. It can be a lot of fun to root for the visiting team, also. You obviously don’t care much, but you can get into some good-natured ribbing every time your team does something good. If you’re on a date, it’s a cute way to play around. In the end, just have fun watching those guys fly around the court. They’re friggin huge and jump out of their shoes. Pop a couple beers and make it a night!

– Pascal


Intro To…Skiing October 27, 2012

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Intro To…

So the summer’s over. I know that many of you feel like it’s time to shut down for the next 6 months but for many people (and in the spirit of full disclosure, people like ME) the summer is just a time to recover and get back in shape for next winter. It’s ski-season! For some people out there, skiing is dangerous, or bougie, or cold, or you just don’t get why you’d want to go zipping down a frozen hill on a thin plank jumping in and out of trees. To people like me, we watch snowboard videos in the middle of July and get butterflies in our stomachs, but if you’ve never been before, the whole idea might be a bit daunting. Well that’s what I’m here for. I’ll give you the breakdown on what you need to do to make this experience as good as possible.

Let me start here: you can die skiing or snowboarding. You likely won’t, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, and even a lot of times when you do, you can get seriously hurt partaking in these activities. But, if you prepare in advance, you can end up having one of the most enjoyable times of your life. Let’s start with your gear. It’s snow. It’s winter. You will fall. This means you should cover yourself from neck to ankle in waterproof gear and it should be warm. Ski gear can be EXTREMELY expensive, so don’t be afraid to borrow from a friend. If this is your first time, there’s no reason to go spend $500 on a new coat or $300 on some snow pants. In addition, if you live in a place like NY, Boston or Philly, you should already have a waterproof winter coat, so just use that. If you don’t have any friends with gear, you should definitely buy some snow pants. You will fall. A lot. There is nothing worse than spending the day in some cold, wet gear. Go online, or to Marshalls, and pick up some cheap pants. Trust me, it’s worth it. While you’re there, don’t forget gloves. Make sure to get yourself some good, waterproof gloves. As many times as your butt will be on the ground, that’s how many times you’ll have to pick yourself up. Cold, wet hands will end up indoors, it’s that simple. Long wool socks will help, though they aren’t required, add some long johns if you have them. Next, time to protect that noggin. I suggest a helmet. They make them specifically for winter sports and I wouldn’t suggest going without one, though I skied and snowboarded for over 20 years without one (many places also allow you to rent a helmet, but that kinda skeeves me a bit). Lastly, get some goggles. Nothing crazy, don’t spend more than $50 if you don’t want, and now you’re good with your gear. If it’s really cold, bring a scarf, but remember that you can get some pretty good gear, and at good prices sometimes, at the mountain’s ski shop. It is not necessary to buy your skis, and you shouldn’t, just rent when you get there.

For most people, skiing and snowboarding is not easy. My dad has been skiing his whole life but his first time snowboarding he was on his butt the whole day. Get Lessons! The first half of your day should be spent in lessons and the second half with your buddies. It sounds lame, but you’ll be so much happier. It will also allow the other people in your group to have fun by themselves for a bit. Skiing and snowboarding is much more fun with people of a similar ability level so they’ll want some time alone. But they’ll also want to spend time with you, as that’s the whole purpose, so if you can spend some time honing your skill it will be that much more enjoyable. This being said, it’d be best if you’re not the only beginner. But if you are, just keep working and you’ll be shredding with the rest of us before you know it. Most importantly, don’t give up. There’s a reason why those of us in the know are addicted…ITS AMAZING! But you have to get past the first few days before you can truly appreciate it. Once you do, though, don’t say I didn’t warn you, you’ll never want to leave the mountain.

– Pascal


Fall in Love…With Your Job! September 9, 2012

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Fall in love…with your job.

For most of us, a job, career, employment is about getting a fat check so we can hand 1/3 of it off to the government and the rest to our landlords. While the thought of having a great boss and an office with a view is fleeting nowadays, it’s not impossible.

Deciding what you want to do in life can be an evolving process. Just like, as you age, your taste in clothes and music changes, but within a certain scope; your taste in jobs and careers will also alter. What you went to college for may only be an integral part of what you want to do to, but use everything you’ve learned in your experiences to your advantage. Almost all of us have worked in an office, store or restaurant at some point in time, none of those skills are part of what you’ll need to become a vet, dentist, model,  or research analyst, but there are tricks and techniques you’ve gained along the way that can put you one foot forward. Traits like time management, discipline, working in a stressful or fast paced environment, or attention to detail. These are things any job needs, so don’t think your past work experience was a waste. If anything, those jobs have educated you in what you don’t want to do with your life.

Never be afraid of an opportunity, it’s been handed to you for a reason. Sometimes taking the big leap can be hard because it forces you outside of your comfort zone, but know that this is only temporary. If you land a killer internship but you also work full-time, find a way to make it work, even if that means you’re working 7 days a week for three months. That internship can land you a job, which will make your life a better, brighter place for you to exist. Perhaps you admire a certain executive, business owner, or company, remember that they probably didn’t get there with a stoic face and a weedwacker, they had a lot of helping hands along the way, so don’t be afraid to look for help or boosts. In fact, if you have a means of contact for this organization or person, drop them a line, the worst response you could get is no response, you’d be surprised how many people want to work with those that want to learn, even if they aren’t 100% qualified yet.

Jobs are very much like dating. You go on a bunch of first dates [interviews], sometimes you even go on second dates […second interviews] and then you decide you like this person and want to keep seeing them, [you’re hired!]. The first month or two goes well, but you’re still testing the waters, seeing what this person is all about. Maybe after a few months you’re bored, you hate the company your job isn’t fulfilling [you breakup] and you decide to leave. We’ve all been there, the perpetual dating cycle, you may even be with this person [job] for years and still not want to marry them, but eventually, you’ll find someone [the job!] that makes you excited, challenges you and you look forward to tell people about! [flash your business cards!] It’s all about trial and error and taking full advantage of opportunities presented to you.

A story from the book of DLIH; There came a point in SK’s life when she made a decision to quit a job she loved. The decision was personal, and just like in a relationship, if you know it’s time to leave but you stay, you end up resenting that person forever. SK knew that she never wanted to resent this career she loved so much, so she stepped away. For a while, it was a relief, there was no pressure and there was so much freedom, but eventually we all want to find the path we’re meant to be on. The hardest part was knowing that A. There are SO many jobs out there..it’s easy to make a wrong decision and if you do, then you’re back at square one and B. Wondering if any job will make us as happy as the one we had or truly long for. Those are pretty big fears to get over, but there’s no way to get over them but one foot in front of the other. SK dabbled in this and that (even went to FIT for a brief stint! Trivia fact!) and the more things she tried, the most discouraged she became. Well, one day SK had this idea to work in sports and one thing led to another, which led to an e-mail which led to a phone call which led to her first internship…now a year later, SK is in love. Going to work isn’t a duty, or a chore, it’s a journey of “What will I face today!”. It won’t always be this glamorous, but true love never dies, it just needs to always be worked at.

In writing, it sounds so easy to fall in love with your job, the right job, but don’t be fooled…it’s not easier for any of us than it is for you…but it is 100% possible! So don’t give up…and even if you do, only give up for a little while and then get right back to it! Once you figure it all out, the little struggles won’t matter!

Intro To….Your First Baseball Game July 2, 2012

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Intro To…

Intro to, inspired by one of our longstanding and loyal readers, is your guide to the things you’ve never done before, want to add to your bucket list or never even thought about doing. We take the questions and the fear out of being out of your comfort zone and toss you into the deep end, well equipped with the tools you need to stay afloat! Brought to you by the witty and charming Pascal, Intro To is a monthly “insert-activity-here For Dummies” so if you’ve got a suggestion or you’re nervous about an impending event, let us know and we’ll “How-To” the hell out of it!

So you’re going to your first baseball game and you’re worried everyone is going to know? Here’s a little tutorial to make it seem like you’ve been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt. Which brings us to our first point: buy a t-shirt. Or some other paraphernalia. You don’t need to go and spend $250 on a throwback KC Monarchs jersey, but one of those Jeter #2 shirts from Modell’s goes a long way. A cap is usually a good idea also. During day games, it can get hot and that sun will start beating down on you. I think you can start seeing that this is a very casual occasion. If a lifetime commitment to a t-shirt is just too much for you, do yourself a favor and at least dress for the event; a solid color t-shirt, shorts or jeans and a cap. Baseball games keep going until someone wins, so make sure you’re in some comfortable clothes, and on cooler days/nights bring a sweater. Just don’t show up like you’re going to Meat Packing. No heels and no cocktail dresses.

Please don’t go dumb. It’s cool to ask some questions during the game and explaining the nuances is a great way to enjoy the game, but don’t ask why “that one guy in the middle is throwing the ball at that other guy with the stick.” You should know the pitcher, catcher, infield, outfield, 1-4 bases, umpire, 9 innings +, 3 outs, 3 strikes, 4 balls, full count, steal and home run. At least. If you don’t know what those basics are and what they look like, google and youtube are all you need.

Games are expensive. “Ok” Yankees tickets are going to be $60-$100. Other teams may be cheaper but in the same “ballpark”. Beer is $9-$13, $5 hot dogs, $9 burgers, $15 deli sandwiches…you get the idea. If you’re with your kids, expect to spend some hundreds…thousand maybe, especially if they want souvenirs. They don’t let you bring in your own food, of course, so you want to consider eating first and sticking to peanuts and cracker jacks.

Lastly, it’s ok to go late. While not everyone will agree with this one, it’s understandable that these games can be long. If you’re meeting people or are going with friends that don’t really care, it’s ok to get there 45 minutes late. You’ll be sitting down some time in the 3rd or 4th inning and get to see the end of the game. Keep in mind it’s about 1hr10 for every 3 innings. And as it’s ok to show up late, it’s ok to leave early. This normally only applies to those with kids, but we won’t be mad if you have to work early in the morning, you’ll just hear about it for a while.

So if your first baseball game is approaching this season, now you know the solid do’s and dont’s to make your experience, and everyone else’s, worthwhile.

– Pascal


The Waltz of the Sports Fan April 12, 2012

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We grow up in a world of unrealized promise, crap shoots, and the benefit of hindsight. Because of this, we live vicariously through our sports heroes. We reminisce of the days when we’d wake up on a Saturday morning only caring that our mom washed our jersey for the game, the smell of the freshly cut grass as we ride up to the field, or the feeling of a newly cut rink under your skates. As we grow older, we lose access to these feelings through: laziness, school, jobs, relationships, etc, and find ourselves pining for what we once had. In lieu of having kids and doing a Joe Jackson on them (in a sports sense), most of us just turn to those guys that make an obscene living off of our reminiscences. We watch them play and think, what-if? What if I had worked harder, what if I were a little taller, what if I grew up in Alabama/California/New York/Canada? We watch them and bring them into our lives, into our homes, into our hearts. We revel in their successes and die with their failures. But because of the way we fully devote ourselves to our teams and their players, coaches, scouts, we also find ourselves despising certain aspects that come with the territory. As a person who started playing soccer and t-ball about as soon as I could walk, and one that has played organized soccer, baseball, football, tennis, hockey, and volleyball in my life, I have some strong feelings about sports teams and their fans.

Fair-Weather Fans – A fan of a sports team who only shows support when the team is doing well. During hard times they usually bandwagon other teams. They basically have no real loyalty to the team, but still manage to get better seats than you at the game! Strangely, they mysteriously vanish at the first sign of trouble. Personally, these are the worst types. Part of what makes a true fan is enjoying the success after suffering through oh-so-many bad seasons. As a Patriots fan, I see/hear these people all the time. They became fans in 2004 and don’t know what it’s like to root for a team that was 1-15. They were Broncos fans before the Pats, and Cowboys fans before that. They think Tom Brady should be traded and Bill Belichick fired. Not winning the Super Bowl means the team failed. Like the definition states, as soon as the team starts losing, they’re gone on to greener pastures. The only thing is, your team doesn’t get these types of “fans” unless they’re pretty good, so while you hate the fans, it’s nice to know why they are even there.

Cross Town Rivals – I’m not as adamant about this one, but for those in New York, I don’t understand how you can root for the Yankees AND the Mets. For one thing, rooting for the Mets is like rooting for the Coyotess. It might seem cute to root for the underdog, but GOD it must be frustrating. That said, I respect you Mets fans. It’s like being a Jets fan, nothing but heartbreak. But if you’ve stuck around, you’re a good one! You embody what it means to be a fan, through thick and thin. It’s like a marriage. But please, reader, stick with me here, this is about fans, not their crappy teams…I think this sentiment comes from High School. When I played school sports, our cross-town rivals were our most bitter of enemies. We would defecate on their tombstones, if they weren’t still spry teenagers with their whole lives ahead of them. We hated them with such fervor that it made our blood boil. So when it came to my pro-teams, the idea of rooting for the cross-town rival just seemed like it went against everything “sports”. It also seems like an entry into fair-weather fanning. Oh, the Cubs are bad, I’ll just root for the White Sox this year…just stop it, folks.

Player Defections – Let me just put a few names out there: Curtis Martin, Johnny Damon, Babe Ruth, that kid from Little Giants. What do all of these people have in common? They were superstars with their first team and left to find something shinier with the rival team. I guess I understand, “Sports is a business” is a line that is used ad nauseum in this country, and I get it. If the Mavs offered you $15M/year and the Spurs only offered $13.75M, that’s $1M+ per year that you’d be leaving on the table! But are you telling me you couldn’t have gotten that from any other team? Or you didn’t want to move out of state? I guess I can buy that…it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It seems like you’re just leaving to spite all of us…

Roy Williams – This could be named after a multitude of athletes. Practice!? We talkin’ about practice!? Not much is more aggravating than being a sports fan that would have loved nothing more than to be a pro athlete, then seeing a guy who was blessed with all the talent in the world have no interest in doing the work that’s necessary to ensure their success. Some guys take a few weeks off at the end of the season and get right back to work, others wait until the season starts to get back into shape. I guess it’s aggravating to see anyone throw away talent and potential due to laziness, but the amount of money involved, the accessibility to the masses, the strong ties to one’s team, and the callousness with which these players act just magnifies the situation. Ok, so you don’t workout in the offseason…DON’T TELL US THAT!!! Do you want us to bring that up every time you miss a shot or drop a pass? Or do you just not care? Whatever the reason, I hope you know we all hate you for it even if you don’t care about us little peons.

So the moral of the story, folks, is that if you’re going to be a sports fan, be a real one. Pick a sport, pick a team, and stick by it through the good and the bad. It’s like I said, it’s a marriage, better or worse, and no matter how lazy or fake a player may be, at the end of the day, they’ve got nothing to play for if the fans aren’t coming to the games.

– Pascal

Pascal is a regular contributor to Doing Laundry in Heels and the male voice of reason behind life, love and sanity. Check out Who Is DLIH to learn more about Pascal and visit his very own mindless while, while all-together serious, rants at In and Out of Sanity.

Don’t Put a Muzzle on Your Workout February 17, 2012

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Whether you’re an avid runner, loving lifter or haven’t workout in years and want to kick those New Years resolutions into gear, starting off on the right foot may not always be easy when the right one’s swollen and the left one’s stubborn. A large part of working out and being healthy is, unfortunately, being sore or even injured. When we’re so young and agile the last thing we want to do is sit on the couch and wait for things to heal, what we want to do, even less, is feel old by cutting back on our workouts or trying to do something and getting frustrated from pain or difficulty. Between work, school, relationships, bills, birthdays and all the other responsibilities we’re trying to learn how to juggle, workouts somehow fall to the bottom of the list. They’re replaced with beer or chocolate, watching movies instead of running, having dinner with a friend instead of hitting the gym. “Oops…now not only do I feel annoyed at being sore and injured…but now I feel lazy and fat…wait, isn’t that why I started working out?” Where to begin dissecting this organizational, buffalo wing and Coldstone mess???

The best way to fix something is to first assess the problem: “Are we not going to the gym because we A. don’t want to B. aren’t willing to make time or C. aren’t scheduling well enough to find the time?” If you’re answer is A, that’s a problem no DLIH post will help you with, that’s a motivational hurdle you and your jelly belly are going to have to face all alone. If you’re answer was B, assess why you feel that way. Is it stress? Do you feel pressured to see people, hang out with your significant other, are you so overwhelmed with work that you just don’t want to deal with scheduling another thing? An important element to remember is that exercise makes you happy, it helps with stress and it clears your head. You don’t need to run a marathon to be healthy and happy, a simple 10 minute run with some core work or light exercise is enough to get those endorphins going and make you feel MORE energetic to take on your hectic schedule. A common answer is usually C. Let’s not lie, we value our sleep and we value our TV time, but if watching Teen Mom is getting in the way of your crunches you should look in the mirror and have a good laugh at yourself…because that’s silly.
If making time isn’t the issue…and injury is, hop on into the boat of annoyed people, we’re here to hold hands and sing Kumbayah. The worst, WORST, part of being active and then suddenly having to stop, whether it be due to injury, sickness, travel or even finances, is the sheer frustration that comes with it. Be patient and be kind to your body, if you can’t workout make sure you don’t go to town by filling it with junk. If you can workout, but limited, don’t let it get you down, focus on something stupid to get you through it, like how cute your workout outfit is or how great the playlist on your I-pod sounds for your short run. It’s not even out of the question to simply think about how great you’ll look after a few more sessions. Whatever gets you motivated! Instead of doing three long workouts a week, do five mini ones so you’re getting the same amount of exercise without pushing yourself to the limit. Things like pilates, yoga, gyro or stretching can still be a workout without being on your feet and putting pressure on muscles or joints.
It’ll come back…if it’s a month you took easy or 8 years you took off, it’ll come back. Patience is not really anyone’s strong suit…but acting like one of those old men who think they can lift 80 pounds but can’t is just pathetic. Be smart, be scheduled, be strong (even on your weak days)! And get squatting!

So, You’re an Intern? November 21, 2011

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Every week, this babbling ballerina, laundress extraordinaire straps on her warmest socks, toughest poker face and overly large red T-shirt and heads down to Floyd Bennett Field off of Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn to the Aviator Sports and Events Center, home to the Brooklyn Aviators Pro Hockey Team. That’s right, as if the daily life of SK isn’t crowded enough, I’m now an intern for the FHL team! The Brooklyn Aviators (formally, New York Aviators) are in their second season with the, equally two year old, Federal Hockey League, a minor league affiliate of the NHL. The front office is just as young and hungry as the guys on the ice and anyone who’d think a single A, minor league team wouldn’t be as entertaining as the pro’s has got their head stuck in a net! Try fancy footwork, overtime, shootouts, body checks and powerplay packed games on for size! These guys may not wear the name of a huge franchise but everything we do, on and off the ice, is just big (in heart, if not in size).
So, you’re an intern?, they ask me, players, friends, co-workers, followers, fans, Romans, countrymen . As common as it is to have an internship in your twenties, it still seems like the world is full of questions about how it’s done and how to go about it. My stance on it? As long as your sole responsibility is not “the guy who does the Starbucks run”, an internship can do nothing but benefit your future. What you learn today, directly in your degree field or not, is instantly applicable to tomorrow. Rather than ranting on and on about how great it is, I thought the best way to let you into the world of internships is answer the questions I get asked most – “in your face, out loud, on the world wide web!”

How did you get an internship for a professional hockey team?
After my career as a dancer, I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do next but I always knew I wanted to work in marketing. It wasn’t until this spring that the reality of the situation hit me, how does someone who loves sports THIS much not work in them? I was fortunate enough to have two or three friends in the biz and simply sent out a feeler email, asking for additional contacts, if they knew any. After a few phone conversations I found myself (and my resume!) in contact with Brooklyn Aviators…the rest was history!

How do you work full-time, go to school and still find time to intern?
Creative scheduling and supportive people. Color code your planner, if that doesn’t work, color code your i-calendar! It’s all about knowing when to allow yourself sleep and when to suck it up…we’re young! It’s all going to be easier now than it will be when we’ve got the responsibility of a family. Secondly, find people who support your endeveours. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the understanding of my bosses at Aviators or my supervisors at work, no one can take away from your education, and if they’re trying to, that’s a good sign you shouldn’t be there. You’re friends are going to have to understand you won’t always be around and you’re going to have to give up a few things for a while. It’s like all things in life, a compromise.

What do you do at an internship?
Internships are different, I wouldn’t know the first thing about being an accountant’s apprentice but I can tell you, most interning roles are pretty much up for grabs. What’s it gonna hurt to throw out an idea? So, you’ll get shutdown…on the plus side, you don’t even need a bandaid for that! In addition to running around the ice, helping out in the office, ticket sales and keeping fans and players happy, what do I do? I ask a lot of questions…I ask questions about everything! Why we do things, how we do them, why we don’t do them different ways. What things are called, how they came to be, who people are. Know EVERYONE. Slap a smile on your face and do whatever is assigned to you even if you think it’s mundane…even if you think you can’t do it right. Do it. What I spend the most time doing at my internship is not being afraid to dive in.

What do you want to get out of this internship?
What do I NOT want to get?! In addition to this being a valuable learning experience, could get me valuable contacts, possibly a job, and basically teaching me the ropes of how a professional athletic team runs, this is one moment in my life I’ll never get back! How many of your parents sat down with you and said “Kid, when I was in my twenties, I interned for a professional hockey team. I was at all the games, I talked to the fans, I helped in the office, and I got to see real, pro hockey ever week.” Even if tomorrow I decided to be a Mormon sculptor and move to Greece, I’ll still have this experience. I’m not saying do an internship for the sake of doing one…but if you get one and it’s even remotely in your field of career interest jump on it! You think someone’s going to hand this to you, no. Anyone who got far in life got there by their own determination.
…and if I have yet to convinced you about how sickly awesome being an Aviator Intern is, I guess you’ll need to see the proof in the pudding by coming to a game! The entire season schedule is available on the website at www.brooklynaviators.com! Come see me run around like a mad-woman at our very next game on Wednesday, November 23rd starting at 7:35pm! Tickets are only $12 and we’ve got a full concession stand with yummies for you to watch the game with! Feel free to give a shoutout or wave if you see me blazing by!

Spend the Weekend with DLIH: Aug. 6th – Aug. 7th August 5, 2011

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It’s Friday, time to kick up our skirts and leave those briefcases to collect some weekend dust! What’s hot in heels this weekend? Follow the cool treasure map of DLIH suggestions below for a weekend Doing Laundry in Heels style! (You might just spot SK in the flesh if you’re lucky!)

Saturday, August 6th:

It’s not too late to check out the 4th Annual Latin Choreographers Festival! Performances take place at the Baruch Performing Arts Center and there’s still time to catch the last show of these talented choreographers, dancers and artists! Check out their website to find out more and get your tickets right now!…RIGHT NOW!

Imagine old school bookcases, a sexy martini paired with some odds and ends chairs and end tables from a yard sale, some candles and the smell of cinnamon and spice and you’ve got Freemans in the East Village! Recently visited and rated by SK herself, the hidden NY gem is a great Saturday night dinner spot. Prices are New York style but the foods worth it! It tends to be packed but the upstairs lounge serves the full menu so ditch the 45 minute wait and head up to the second floor. If you’re up for some special drinks be sure to visit Frank at the bar! He’s not only a great bartender but will make your night!

Sunday, August 7th:

You’ve seen the ads in the subway, well it’s time! The Runyon 5K walk/run at Yankee Stadium! This relay for the fight against cancer is one of the most unique fundraising events of it’s kind, the course is Yankee Stadium’s stairs, ramps, halls and fields and the cause is cancer research! Even though registration is now closed, if you’re not doing anything head on up there and support the great runners! See what all the hype is about so you can be prepared for next years registration!

…and always remember, it’s not what you do (this weekend), it’s how you do it! Keep it classy!

Have an event coming up you’d like to see on Spend the Weekend with DLIH! Email sofia@doinglaundryinheels.com with details.

Spend the Weekend with DLIH! May 21st- May 22nd May 20, 2011

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It’s Friday, time to kick up our skirts and leave those briefcases to collect some weekend dust! What’s hot in heels this weekend? Follow the cool treasure map of DLIH suggestions below for a weekend Doing Laundry in Heels style! (You might just spot SK in the flesh if you’re lucky!)

Saturday, May 21st:

It’s another subway series weekend as the Yankees host the Mets in a ball game every New York can enjoy! The series begins Friday night and lasts through Sunday! Don’t miss Queens vs. Bronx and a few ice-cold beers! Visit the New York Yankees website to purchase tickets or for more information.

Don’t miss the last evening of 111 Lex Liquors and Wines wine tasting! For this week’s line-up of yummy beverages in a bottle visit their website. Wine tastings are offered every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6pm-8pm. The great wine shop, near East 28th St., is all about educating it’s customers in wine and offers great coupons and discounts so keep your eyes peeled! Cheers!

Sunday, May 22nd:

The new off-broadway musical, Damn Actors, opens on the 22nd! Stage of Fiends presents the new show for its one week run at the Kraine Theater on East 4th St. A New York musical about New Yorkers! Three actors trying to make it in the biz and how they grow together, or apart, in a journey of secrets and making it big! Featuring: special friends of SK and DLIH! Find more information and ticket prices at Damn Actors.

….and always remember, it’s not what you do (this weekend), it’s how you do it! Keep it classy!

Have an event coming up you’d like to see on Spend the Weekend with DLIH! Email sofia@doinglaundryinheels.com with details.