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Making Life Choices…and Facing Hilarious Realities January 8, 2015

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Check out this great post about the Catch-22’s of being in your twenties! Grab a glass of wine, and laugh your bad day away – The 20 Catch-22s Of Being In Your 20’s, by Lauren Martin at the Elite Daily.

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Defacing Private Property June 19, 2009

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I distinctly remember the moment I first got my ears pierced. The girl was probably younger than I am now and while I sat on that high chair waiting to be mutilated she explained everything an eight year old would probably need to hear like the step-by-step process and how much it would or would not hurt. She could tell that the only thing I was paying attention to was her royal blue, velvet top (…it was the 90’s) and her array of necklaces. Needles and nerves were never something I used in the same sentence… unfortunately for me.

By the time I was fifteen I had visited the “high chair” four times and had come out with five piercings, all very classy, all in my ears and fairly liberal parents weren’t really helping the toxic colada I was mixing. Little did I know I was slowly destroying my virginal net worth but I was convinced that studs were as far as I’d ever go. Unlike most of my peers in high school I was never fazed by tattoos. I didn’t like them or dislike them, I never wanted one and I never yelled at friends for getting them, they were just this word: Tattoo, which I could look up in the dictionary the same way I’d look for Hippopotamus or Automobile. It wasn’t until I turned eighteen that some bizarre light bulb went off. I think the idea of being able to just go and get one was fascinating to me, like an untouchable that became so real. I knew that if I ever got one it would have to be meaningful, it would have to be delicate and it would have to be a choice I was 110% sure of. Making holes in my ears was one thing but permanently drawing on my façade was another story!

Well, it did end up being a story the morning I woke up on a rainy Monday and headed down to 36th street to Red Rocket Tattoo. I knew I wanted a legit and fairly expensive place, something that came highly recommended that had quality I was willing to dish out for. I found it. Red Rocket is amazing, clean, chic, and none of that “We’re too cool for school and have more ink than skin” feel. The gorgeous guy at the desk agreed to do my small, simple, black heart on my wrist without an apprehension that it was too simple or boring for him, he was happy to do it. He gave me a similar speech to the teenager at Claire’s thirteen years ago, when I told him I wasn’t afraid of needles I was more afraid of him messing up he laughed and said “that won’t happen and it’s refreshing to hear someone who’s not, we usually get the opposite in here.” When he was finished I wasn’t all together surprised it didn’t hurt, my resistance to needles had proved strong once again. It was perfect, or in my mother’s words “So cute!”. Being a performing artist I know what true appreciation for ones work is and they really value their job and art at this place. Hottie Tattoo Guy made sure my tat looked absolutely perfect when I came back for a re-shading and touch up a month later, free of charge! If I ever think it’s time to graffiti again I’m only heading to one place!

Now, I see other people with tattoos and feel as if I’ve joined some kind of secret society, a society with only one way to get in and no way out, a club for the brave and risqué. I didn’t do it for fashion, style or rebellion, I just did it because it felt right and it meant something. I’m happy with my lifelong investment and commitment but I do laugh inside, I must be the only gal out there who doesn’t shriek at needles or bugs. My parents created a monster but I like to think I use my powers for art…not evil.