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We Almost Missed Our Own Birthday! June 23, 2015

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Happy, Happy, Happy 5th Birthday to


782de8b4c5baa393b2fd0b80ba7fc18bWe can’t believe it’s been 5 years, even in our ups and downs we so appreciate all our fans, supporters and readers!!

Now, let’s have some cake


Here’s to 2015! December 31, 2014

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Happy New Year!

May your 2015 be bright and full of surprises!

Bear with Us! September 28, 2014

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We’ve been away for a while…and we’ve missed you!

Sorry for the delay!


DLIH is taking a little break to restructure and as soon as it’s all set, posts will be back and better than ever!

Bear with us (grr!)

Grizzly bears cartoon 2


Thank you for all your support!

Check back with us soon!

Food That Matters July 29, 2014

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“No rules, just right”. If that sounds familiar, then you have, at some point in your life, witnessed an Outback Steakhouse commercial. It’s a weird way to start, but the slogan seemed like an appropriate tagline for what’s about to surface in the text below. Ever feel like you can’t catch-up with your healthy eating habits? We all have the same story – We buy a bunch of awesome, green food, print out ten healthy eating recipes, and for a week or two we are on the right track; drinking lots of water and eating lots of kale. Then, slowly, one thing gets in the way, and then a second, and then we’re eating a Quesarito at our desk with a heaping side of Pepsi. Whoops. Sometimes, it’s the rules themselves that get in the way, so much pressure to make the right choices, so, how about no rules, just quick easy tips to get it right – No rules, just right.

Snooze Button Breakfast

83-comp-3507876-chia-pod-vanilla-bean_0Woke up late, again? Maybe not late…but just in the nick of time? And, somehow your speed routine doesn’t involve breakfast? How did I know! Breakfast is easy, it’s super easy, which is why we should always make time for it. Below is a list of things that don’t even need cooking and can be eaten on the go (not the we recommend that!) – Greek yogurt, especially the duos with fruit or honey!; Cereal in those little pre-made plastic bowls, just add milk; toast with butter and jam; a granola bar with a cup of fruit; a parfait, if you have one pre-made (or have time to make your own); Chia pudding, you can get them prepackaged at Whole Foods, spoon included! If you’ve got a little bit of time on your hands – make an egg white sandwich with cheese and avocado or an omelette or even your version of a bacon, egg and cheese with turkey bacon or a black bean patty and egg whites on a whole wheat english muffin –Mmm! Hungry yet?! Coffee and OJ are good for you, but remember to take a big swig of water! – common, it only take two seconds!

Office Luncheon

For most of us, lunch is painful defeat. Even if there are healthy food options in the area, they usually cost you. Most salad places (ones that make an actual salad, not that prepackaged garbage) range between $6-$10 a salad, once you add a drink and some fruit, that’s a $15 lunch right there! Stock up. If your office has a kitchen that you have full access to, go shopping for work; keep some fruit; bread, meats and cheeses for sandwiches;some easy veg to eat, like carrots or sliced zucchini on hand. Some organic frozen meals are great to – Amy’s is a great brand and Trader Joes has frozen meals that aren’t full of yuck. Keep trail mix and a box of granola bars at your desk, too. It will prevent you from overspending and allow you to eat healthy on the job. Don’t forget to take a walk! If you’re eating indoors, allow yourself 15-20 minutes to get out into the fresh air and stretch those legs.

On The Road Grub

Let’s just say gas stations aren’t known for their healthy food options. Traveling is one of the hardest times to stay healthy, but DLIH has mastered it. A healthy-unhealthy option is better than an unhealthy option altogether. What this means is that a salad and some chicken nuggets from McDonalds or Wendys is healthier than a burger and fries. Is it the best, healthiest, most preservative free salad out there? – no, but it’s still the better option. Rather than trying to find healthy food, find the healthiest option available. If you’re in areas with chain places like Olive Garden, Outback, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, AppleBees, and don’t mind spending a little, those places have lots of options. Secondary to that, Pancheros, Bob Evans, California Pizza Kitchen, Zaxby’s, Chilis, Panera and other similar places are more cost-effective. If you’re staying in a place with a fridge, stop at a grocery store or Whole Foods and get fruit and veg in those pre-packaged containers, some granola bars, and maybe juice or V8 since fruits and vegetables are the hardest things to find when traveling. Apples are easy, because they can go on trains, planes and automobiles and can be non-refrigerated for long periods of time. YAH!

Lazy Dinner Time

Cooking takes effort. Let’s face it. So, sometimes that pizza slice from the corner and a bag of chips from yesterday ends up being a meal. Whoops, again (we’re building an entire Britney Spears song here!). Here, I learned the art of the frozen arsenal. When food shopping get some frozen, organic, bags of green beans, broccoli, and some mixes. You can easily steam these in just a couple minutes and you have an easy healthy side, or even a main meal if you’re not starving. Brands like Pacific make incredibly tasty soups in a box, which you simply heat up and go! Again, natural and organic, made with the good stuff. Tyson has an entire series of all-white meat chicken in nuggets, cutlets, wings, breasts, already breaded and ready to eat; easy to heat up and throw in your favorite barbecue or hot sauce for some homemade wings and a side of vegetables.

Late Night Snack Attack

Hey, it happens, so here’s what you can chew on, as long as it’s in small quantities – carrots, cottage cheese, a small greek yogurt, granola bars, chia pudding, a stick of string cheese, kale chips, blackberries or blueberries, half of an apple, or other similar, healthy munchies.


Happy eating!

It’s Our Fourth Birthday! June 23, 2014

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Thanks for FOUR AMAZING years! Doing Laundry in Heels could not be happier, healthier and more excited for the future!

Status Update: Drowning June 3, 2014

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New articles coming soon (like, super soon)! Sorry for the delay, folks!

Current Status: Drowning in work/life/stress


The Age of Growing Up May 18, 2014

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I was probably the only kid out there who never wanted to be eighteen. Eighteen symbolizes adulthood, independence, opportunity, recognition, but I never once felt a single one of those things. From the moment I turned eighteen, I was waiting to become nineteen. Whether you consider it a stigma or a right of passage, eighteen came with more baggage than I had ever wanted. I just wanted to be seen as a person, not an eighteen year old, but I felt like that was the label, stuck to the front of my forehead. That same thing happened at twenty-one. I hated being asked my age, whenever I said it, it came out in a slow and painful, apologetic moan. After twenty-one was no better, every time I got the same comment “Oh! you’re still so young!” (I even wrote about it!). Finally, I remember when I turned twenty-five, relief spilled over me. I was no longer “so young!” or “Finally, old enough”, I was that ambiguous age where people didn’t really care how old or young you were. It was bliss. I’ve continued to live with this “flying under the radar” age and I’ve been loving every minute of it, until recently.

baggagecheckoct9It seems like, for many of us, there’s no catching up with your age. There’s always an association with where you should be, or how you should be, and for the most part, the social “norms” don’t bother me, but the warranting respect part does. After you reach a certain age, you can’t comment on certain subjects because you aren’t knowledgeable enough, but you’re expected to have an opinion anyway. So, you’re old enough to warrant an opinion, but not one that really carries weight in the conversation. Example, I may not know how to start my own business, I may not be able to comment on running a company, but because I have a college degree and have been a manager, I can be involved in the conversation, I can voice my thoughts, but no one really takes them seriously, even if they ask for them. I’m in no rush to get married, but somehow living with my boyfriend is no longer an acceptable long-term relationship; I’m not married, so I might as well be single. I don’t own a home or a car, so I’m a “cute” driver, rather than a good one; it’s “sweet” that I still rent. People have begun to make me feel like I’m still in college and my views on life are very endearing rather than true. Even when at dinner with other couples, who are married, sometimes they just smile and laugh at my home-life stories, instead of relating. It leaves me looking both ways, whipping my head around, wondering if I’ve missed something.

Sure, it’s frustrating, feeling like you’re finally a decent part of society and then two years later feeling like you’re a kid again. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know if that’s ever going to go away. Maybe when I finally get married, I’ll have a newlywed stigma around me, maybe when I finally buy a house, I’ll always be an inexperienced homeowner, maybe once my kids start elementary school it’ll be “oh, wait till they get to Junior High!” Who knows! So, I’m trying to ignore how other people sometimes make me feel and, instead, be excited about my life. So what if I’m not married yet, I’m actually pretty proud of myself for taking my time and not rushing into it. Who cares that I don’t have a car of my own yet, I’m saving so much money a month by not owning one! Sure, there are things that warrant insecurity, like living in your parents basement at 29, but I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be in life. Making it work, one high heeled step at a time!

The Crazy Chick March 23, 2014

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The GoodGuys File

Here’s something that doesn’t happen to me often: I go out, I see a guy, I flirt, I have fun, I try to be cool, I show I’m a woman of power,  I get angry, I yell at a different guy, I make a scene, I order another drink, I keep talking to the cute guy, I go home numberless. And when I said “often” I meant it’s never once happened to me, ever, in my life.

Throughout my single years, I’d been in the club or bar plenty of times and heard the phrase “That chick over there is crazy!” or “I wouldn’t even go there, man.” I’ve had numerous guy friends tell me about those girls that are pretty, sweet and fun at first, and then either drink too much or turn like leaf in the wind and their “crazy” comes out. I didn’t know if it was insecurity or they just didn’t get it, but I never actually witnessed it myself, so I never really took the time to think about it, until recently.

Picture this, you’re out with a group of gal pals, and suddenly a friend of friend, who seemed really normal at first, starts yelling at a guy. And in the words of a very less DLIH me, “It’s like, ‘HELLO?! What is happening?!’ “. You turn around and all you can gather from the situation is the, very cute, guy she’s verbally assaulting asked her if she needed help getting through the crowd at the bar. To any normal human being that would either A. indicate someone is being very polite, or for more people, B. mean he’s trying to buy you a drink, because he likes you. However, in this scenario he was “sexist”, “condescending”, and she had been “getting her own drinks for years and didn’t need anybody’s help”. I guess that might be why you’re 35 and still single, but everyone is different (right?). While all the other girls in our group rushed over to calm her down and silently apologized to the man she just screamed at, I noticed a group of guys across the room, who stood staring, reminding me of all the faces my guys friends had made over the years, that “Bro, that’s the crazy one in the bar” face. What’s the worst part? It wasn’t that she was embarrassed, it wasn’t that the guy she yelled at totally lost all interest, it’s that for the rest of the night, all six of us were associated with the “crazy girl”. Even for those of us who weren’t single, it was a total downer, and most of us just wanted to go home after the incident.

Moral of the story? Don’t be crazy! Most girls don’t know that they’re doing it; so from experience and after collecting data from others, here’s the short track to “Are you the crazy girl?”

– When you meet people at a bar, are you trying to prove anything?

– Do you want guys to see you as a confident women, who doesn’t need a man to hold her hand through life?

– Do you pick a target and use a calculated or preconceived way to talk to them and/or get their interest?

– Do you try to play guys, make them feel small, or try to beat them at their own game when you actually really like them and want them to ask you for your number?

Yah. You’re doing it wrong if you said yes to, really, any of those. Dating is so easy! I don’t mean meeting someone, I don’t mean being in a relationship, I mean the whole damn thing! Girl likes boy, boy likes girl, boy and girl meet, boy asks girl out, girl accepts. Where in that transaction does showing someone your “guns” fit in? Ladies, how much do we hate it when guys try to make us feel like we’re delicate, little, porcelain creatures or try to prove to us how manly, strong and superior they are? It’s so unattractive. So, why is it okay for you to do that? Showing that you “don’t need a man” isn’t going to make a guy think “Oh yeah, that’s one to bring home to mom”. Likewise, a girl screaming and making a scene at a bar is the same as a guy who throws a chair or gets in a fight, it’s not the guy you want to go after.

The good thing is, we all make mistakes, and we grow strong from those mistakes. So, perhaps you have been the looney chick, that’s okay. Here’s a golden opportunity for your to correct your mistakes and just chill out a little. If you’re friends with the crazy lady, give her a dose of reality (or send her to this post!) and reevaluate if this is someone you want to associate yourself with when you’re out at the bar. Meeting people, whether to date or just to make friends, is only going to happen when you’re being yourself, fun, and normal. Change you’re brain, it’s not about “getting” someone, it’s just about have a great night out.

SK: On Being a Grown-Up March 8, 2014

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Here you are, 20-something, you’ve got your life together or just about and for the first time, in a long time, everything is going relatively smoothly. You’ve adjusted to the bumps in the road, and you’ve found the coping techniques to manage your work/life balance, so now you’re just waiting for the next big thing.

…and then you have a day like this.

The frying pan filled with eggs fell; the check engine light in your car won’t turn off; someone stole your debit card and drained you bank account; you just locked yourself out of your apartment, and your cell phone is inside. And you think, “What the $#@*! I THOUGHT I WAS PASSED ALL THIS!?” When it rains, it pours, and you also spill your coffee all over your new boss.

Your favorite – SK Story Time: I got my license at 18, while I wouldn’t say I am the most experienced driver, having lived without a car off and on, I also would say I’m a really good driver with good instincts and have driven my fair share of roads, interstates, and highways. So, when you know how to do something, and you’ve been doing it for years, nothing is going to make you feel like less on an independent women like all of it falling apart in one day. First, the headlights weren’t working right, when they said they were on, they seemed to be my high beams, when I switched them to high beams, another symbol on the dash I’ve never seen before came on. Then, there was no USB charger in the car, and my phone was on the verge of technology suicide, without my GoogleMaps, I’ll have no idea how to get home. Then, it seemed like every single car on the road was about to propel themselves into my trunk, despite the fact that I was going 70 on an interstate. Finally, time to get gas, and I tell you I looked everywhere and all over for the gas cap release, there was a line of cars behind me, probably looking at me like I was a total idiot. When I finally figured it out, the pump wasn’t working, the gas would not flow, and when did it decide to work? right as I began to pull it out to reset the whole thing, resulting in gas all over my feet and all over my car, and embarrassment, all over my face. So, if the day wasn’t over yet, I had to find parking, and with the help of total strangers who were being total idiots, I got gridlocked in an alley I’ve never driven down before because they came head on, and from behind. Needless to say, by the end of the day I was super upset, and then upset for being upset.Gasoline Shortage Baltimore & Maryland. 15 June 1979. Pat Sullivan, Frustrated

As an adult you feel like you can handle situations, and if you can’t, you feel like you should have the know-how to figure out how to handle them. So, when you can’t, or you don’t, it’s defeating and it’s embarrassing, mostly to you. You’ve already conquered so much and then something as simple as a day out with the car turns you into a fifteen year-old who doesn’t know the first thing about how the world functions. It’s frustrating. I think we can all infer that by the time I got home, I not only, needed a few minutes alone but I also had a good cry. Plus, my suede boots smelled like gasoline. So, that’s awesome.

What I learned from this experience? Two things, the first being that it’s still okay to have a bad day, it’s still okay to need help, and it’s still okay to learn new things. I’d never had the gas pump not work before, I later learned that it’s actually quite common, just not something I had ever experienced. It’s okay to not be equipped to take on Superman’s job by the time you’re twenty-four or twenty-eight. As long as you’re okay with not always being okay, then you’ll do just fine. The second thing I learned, when we’re at the tipping point, between having everything we wanted before thirty, but also not quite being out of the “twenties” clear yet, we like to resort to our former coping strategies. Getting home and needing a minute was the right thing to do. Ugh, cursing at the gas cap and banging my head against the headrest when the lights didn’t work probably isn’t as mature as I’d like to believe I am.

In short, not every day is going to be a good day. The choice is to deal with it as best as possible. If you feel like you’re a grown-up human being with your life together, then make the conscious choice to act like one. There is nothing wrong with regretting your mistakes, as long as you learn something from them.

Saying No! March 3, 2014

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When I was nineteen, someone taught me the law of Yes. Yes is the answer to everything when you’re young, for many reasons. In order to discover life, be successful, and have experiences to help develop the person you want to be, you have to take risks. Risks involve the word, “Yes”.

“Can you work on Saturday?” – YES!

“Do you want to start a bank account?” – YES!

“Should we take a spontaneous road trip to a city we’ve never been to before?” – YES!

“Are you available to take these boxes to the other office?” -YES!

Yes is the key to growing up. Yes teaches you that you aren’t better than anyone else, that no task is too small, or too below you. It teaches you that things you thought were below your pay grade may actually be harder than you assumed, and it gives you respect for them. It also makes you stronger, saying yes when you really want to say no. Yes helps you step outside your comfort zone, to experience new things and become a stronger, well-rounded, and open-minded human being. Yes forces you to battle things that are scary, and make them not so scary anymore. Yes grows your career, it makes you reliable, dependable, a hard worker, and someone who is willing to do a little extra to earn their way. The law of Yes is what will get you what you want.

….and then you have to learn to say no.

Dr-SeussYou spend the majority of your new adult life learning how to accept things, make choices, and open yourself up to opportunities and while all these are valuable in your early twenties, the purpose of them is to help you grow. If you never said yes to the guy at the bar, you wouldn’t be married to him now! If you never said yes to your boss, you would have never gotten a promotion which eventually landed you your dream job! And, if you never told your friend you’d totally stay out all night when she was going through her break-up, then you’d never have the amazing story to tell! However, when you’re past these things, you learn the rule of saying No.

You have a great job, you’re in a good relationship, you’re saving up for a home you’ll love, and you have wonderful friends; you need to create a work life balance. Staying late at work shows dedication and hard-work but staying late every other day sets precedent that you’re okay with this. No matter how amazing your boss is, you have to tell yourself that somedays you’re going to go home at 5, no matter what, and that’s how it is. When your friends invite you to an all-night bar hop, maybe you realize this is something you no longer enjoy; you want to see them, but you really aren’t in the frame of mind to dance to “Shots”, nor do seven of them. You also know what you deserve at this point, you can say no to a salary that’s lower than your previous; you can say no to your friends who have planned an off-the-cuff trip and need to borrow your couch; you can say no to little indulgences you once didn’t mind, like buying new shoes every month, or spending every night eating hot pockets in bed while watching Hulu. So, no isn’t always a bad thing. It can be taking a stand, knowing that you need to spend time with family, or go to the gym, but it’s also about knowing your worth both when other people don’t recognize it, and when you know you need to take better care of yourself.

Saying yes is hard, reversing the processing to saying no is even harder! You learned once, you can learn again!