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The Voice of DLIH

DLIH was conceived in the mind of SK in 2009. At the time, SK was a weekly contributor to a new, up and coming site, CityElla. With help and inspiration from friend and CityElla’s founder/creator, DLIH was born.


SK began dabbling in internet blogs at the age of 13, sharing personal thoughts, opinions and stories with friends. Over the years, her blogs have morphed, changed names and homes but the content remained the same. It was a place where truth was public, she vowed to say the things no one had the honesty to say and think about topics others were afraid to look into. SK’s main take on the world is that men and women aren’t as different as we make them out to be and we can all find faults in one another but we must be open to finding them in ourselves. Her life is about self growth, love, faith and hard work, hopefully, surrounded by good people. She realized she had a talent and passion to communicate these ideas through her writing in hopes of  connecting others and sparking ideas in their minds. After years of writing and praise she knew it was time to give DLIH a real and permanent home. Thanks to all who held on through the ride and welcome to the ones who are just hopping on, it’s a bumpy one!

SK is a classically trained professional dancer from New York, who holds a Business degree in Marketing and is a proud member of the Brooklyn Aviators family and the Mets, Knicks, Rangers and Liberty organizations. She currently resides in Chicago with her boyfriend and affectionate cat.



Pascal; The Male Voice. Questions about guys? Friends? Toilet paper? Sheer sanity? You name it, he’s got an “in your face and out loud” answer. Pascal was first featured as a co-author in The GoodGuys File: The Pretty Girl and Exhibit X in 2011 and has since become the male voice of DLIH. Coming from a background of being male (sports and all!), a degree in the business of money, and a lot of experience with both ladies and life, Pascal became the first writer to join SK in her quest for sarcastic irony in Januray 2012. Find his take on the world (and laundry) all over the site and in our monthly Intro To posts, created for and by Pascal to educate the world, and then some.

For more adventures with a slightly more “french” vernacular and a straight forward shot of honesty check out his very own rants at In and Out of Sanity.

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